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سورة الشمس
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وَالشَّمْسِ وَضُحَاهَا
Transliteration 1: Waalshshamsi waduhaha
Yusuf Ali 1: By the Sun and his (glorious) splendour;
Mohsin Khan: 1: By the sun and its brightness.
Urdu 1: سورج کی اور اس کی دھوپ کی قسم ہے

وَالْقَمَرِ إِذَا تَلَاهَا
Transliteration 2: Waalqamari itha talaha
Yusuf Ali 2: By the Moon as she follows him;
Mohsin Khan: 2: By the moon as it follows it (the sun).
Urdu 2: اور چاند کی جب وہ اس کے پیچھے آئے

وَالنَّهَارِ إِذَا جَلَّاهَا
Transliteration 3: Waalnnahari itha jallaha
Yusuf Ali 3: By the Day as it shows up (the Sun's) glory;
Mohsin Khan: 3: By the day as it shows up (the sun's) brightness.
Urdu 3: اور دن کی جب وہ اس کو روشن کر دے

وَاللَّيْلِ إِذَا يَغْشَاهَا
Transliteration 4: Waallayli itha yaghshaha
Yusuf Ali 4: By the Night as it conceals it;
Mohsin Khan: 4: By the night as it conceals it (the sun).
Urdu 4: اور رات کی جب وہ اس کو ڈھانپ لے

وَالسَّمَاءِ وَمَا بَنَاهَا
Transliteration 5: Waalssamai wama banaha
Yusuf Ali 5: By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure;
Mohsin Khan: 5: By the heaven and Him Who built it.
Urdu 5: اور آسمان کی اور اس کی جس نے اس کو بنایا

وَالْأَرْضِ وَمَا طَحَاهَا
Transliteration 6: Waalardi wama tahaha
Yusuf Ali 6: By the Earth and its (wide) expanse:
Mohsin Khan: 6: By the earth and Him Who spread it.
Urdu 6: اور زمین اور اس کی جس نے اس کو بچھایا

وَنَفْسٍ وَمَا سَوَّاهَا
Transliteration 7: Wanafsin wama sawwaha
Yusuf Ali 7: By the Soul, and the proportion and order given to it;
Mohsin Khan: 7: By Nafs (Adam or a person or a soul), and Him Who perfected him in proportion;
Urdu 7: اور جان کی اور اس کی جس نے اس کو درست کیا

فَأَلْهَمَهَا فُجُورَهَا وَتَقْوَاهَا
Transliteration 8: Faalhamaha fujooraha wataqwaha
Yusuf Ali 8: And its enlightenment as to its wrong and its right;-
Mohsin Khan: 8: Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him.
Urdu 8: پھر اس کو اس کی بدی اور نیکی سمجھائی

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ مَن زَكَّاهَا
Transliteration 9: Qad aflaha man zakkaha
Yusuf Ali 9: Truly he succeeds that purifies it,
Mohsin Khan: 9: Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself (i.e. obeys and performs all that Allah ordered, by following the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism and by doing righteous good deeds).
Urdu 9: بے شک وہ کامیاب ہوا جس نے اپنی روح کو پاک کر لیا

وَقَدْ خَابَ مَن دَسَّاهَا
Transliteration 10: Waqad khaba man dassaha
Yusuf Ali 10: And he fails that corrupts it!
Mohsin Khan: 10: And indeed he fails who corrupts his ownself (i.e. disobeys what Allah has ordered by rejecting the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism or by following polytheism or by doing every kind of evil wicked deeds).
Urdu 10: اوربے شک وہ غارت ہوا جس نے اس کو آلودہ کر لیا

كَذَّبَتْ ثَمُودُ بِطَغْوَاهَا
Transliteration 11: Kaththabat thamoodu bitaghwaha
Yusuf Ali 11: The Thamud (people) rejected (their prophet) through their inordinate wrong-doing,
Mohsin Khan: 11: Thamud (people) denied (their Prophet) through their transgression (by rejecting the true Faith of Islamic Monotheism, and by following polytheism, and by committing every kind of sin).
Urdu 11: ثمود نے اپنی سرکشی سے (صالح کو) جھٹلایا تھا

إِذِ انبَعَثَ أَشْقَاهَا
Transliteration 12: Ithi inbaAAatha ashqaha
Yusuf Ali 12: Behold, the most wicked man among them was deputed (for impiety).
Mohsin Khan: 12: When the most wicked man among them went forth (to kill the she-camel).
Urdu 12: جب کہ ان کا بڑا بدبخت اٹھا

فَقَالَ لَهُمْ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ نَاقَةَ اللَّهِ وَسُقْيَاهَا
Transliteration 13: Faqala lahum rasoolu Allahi naqata Allahi wasuqyaha
Yusuf Ali 13: But the Messenger of Allah said to them: "It is a She-camel of Allah! And (bar her not from) having her drink!"
Mohsin Khan: 13: But the Messenger of Allah [Salih عليه السلام] said to them: "Be cautious! (Fear the evil end). That is the she-camel of Allah! (Do not harm it) and bar it not from having its drink!"
Urdu 13: پس ان سے الله کے رسول نے کہا کہ الله کی اونٹنی اور اس کے پانی پینے کی باری سے بچو

فَكَذَّبُوهُ فَعَقَرُوهَا فَدَمْدَمَ عَلَيْهِمْ رَبُّهُم بِذَنبِهِمْ فَسَوَّاهَا
Transliteration 14: Fakaththaboohu faAAaqarooha fadamdama AAalayhim rabbuhum bithanbihim fasawwaha
Yusuf Ali 14: Then they rejected him (as a false prophet), and they hamstrung her. So their Lord, on account of their crime, obliterated their traces and made them equal (in destruction, high and low)!
Mohsin Khan: 14: Then they denied him and they killed it. So their Lord destroyed them because of their sin, and made them equal in destruction (i.e. all grades of people, rich and poor, strong and weak, etc.)!
Urdu 14: پس انہوں نے اس کو جھٹلایا اور اونٹنی کی کونچیں کاٹ ڈالیں پھر ان پر ان کے رب نےان کےگناہوں کے بدلے ہلاکت نازل کی پھر ان کو برابر کر دیا

وَلَا يَخَافُ عُقْبَاهَا
Transliteration 15: Wala yakhafu AAuqbaha
Yusuf Ali 15: And for Him is no fear of its consequences.
Mohsin Khan: 15: And He (Allah) feared not the consequences thereof.
Urdu 15: اوراس نے اس کےانجام کی پروا نہ کی

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