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75 hadith found in 'Wages (Kitab Al-Ijarah)' of Sunan Abu-Dawud.

 Narrated AbuHurayrah: When AbuZur'ah made a business transaction with a man, he gave him the right of option. He then would tell him: Give me the right of option (to annul the bargain). He said: I heard AbuHurayrah say: The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) said: Two people must separate only by mutual consent.  


 Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone rescinds a sale with a Muslim, Allah will cancel his slip, on the Day of Resurrection.  


 Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone makes two transactions combined in one bargain, he should have the lesser of the two or it will involve usury.  


 Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: I heard the Apostle of Allah, (peace_be_upon_him) say: When you enter into the inah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are pleased with agriculture, and give up conducting jihad (struggle in the way of Allah). Allah will make disgrace prevail over you, and will not withdraw it until you return to your original religion.  


 Narrated Abdullah ibn AbuAwfa ibn AbuAwfa al-Aslami: We made a journey to Syria on an expedition along with the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him). The Nabateans of Syria came to us and we paid in advance to them (in a salam contract) in wheat and olive oil at a specified rate and for a specified time. He asked (by the people): you might have contracted with him who had these things in his possession? He replied: We did not ask them.  


 Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: A man paid in advance for a palm-tree. It did not bear fruit that year. They brought their case for decision to the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). He said: for which do you make his property lawful? He then said: Do not pay in advance for a palm-tree till they (the fruits) were clearly in good condition.  


 Narrated AbuSa'id al-Khudri: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If anyone pays in advance he must not transfer it to someone else before he receives it.  


 Narrated A man: A man from the immigrants of the Companions of the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: I participated in battle three times along with the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him). I heard him say: Muslims have common share in three (things). grass, water and fire.  


 Narrated Iyas ibn Abd: The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) forbade the sale of excess water.  


 Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) forbade payment for dog and cat.  

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