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Madd with Waw

Let's produce an "oo" sound (4 counts) : letter followed by madd waw and vowelled with a dhammah

  ﻋُﻮٓاْ   ﻫُﻮٓاْ   دُوٓاْ ﻣُوٓاْ  
ﺟُﻮٓاْ  ﺻُﻮٓاْ   ﺗُﻮٓاْ  زُوٓاْ
ﺳُﻮٓاْ ﻓُﻮٓاْ ءُوٓاْ وُوٓاْ  
ﺑُﻮٓاْ رُوٓاْ ﺣُﻮٓاْ   ﺷُﻮٓاْ   ﻳُﻮٓاْ  
ﻗُﻮٓاْ  ﺿُﻮٓاْ ذُوٓاْ  ﻏُﻮٓاْ
ﺧُﻮٓاْ ﺛُﻮٓاْ   ﻧُﻮٓاْ  
Lesson Practise Exercise (i)

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