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German Dictionary English FREE Deutsch Wörterbuch for mobile phone is compatible with almost all the cell phones, Alhumdulillah. If your phone model is not listed here then please try to install in your phone and send us the result.
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AD681H Smartfren Andromax AD681H
T31 Panasonic T31
hws7721g MediaPad 7 Youth 2
"Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd." EP10_wifi
"Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd." EP5A_wifi
"Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd." Germany S9714
"Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd." nabi_XD XD
"JVC KENWOOD Holdings Inc." gener
"Vizio Inc." VTAB1008 VTAB1008
3Q OC1020A OC1020A OC1020A
7Eleven IN265 IN265 IN265
Abocom AboCom A08SM A08 A08S
Acer C6 Acer E320
Acer C6 Acer E320-orange
Acer C7 E330
Acer C8n E350
Acer K3 E130
Acer T2 AT390
Acer T603T TD600
Acer a3 Stream
Acer a5 S300
Acer c4 E310
Acer k4 E140
Acer k5 E210
Acer A1-713 acer_aprilia A1-713
Acer A1-734 acer_barricade A1-734
Acer A1-810 mango A1-810
Acer A1-811 mango A1-811
Acer A1-830 ducati A1-830
Acer A100 vangogh A100
Acer A101 vangogh A101
Acer A110 a110 A110
Acer A3-A10 zara A3-A10
Acer A3-A11 zara A3-A11
Acer A3-A20 acer_harley A3-A20
Acer A3-A20FHD acer_harleyfhd A3-A20FHD
Acer A3-A30 omega A3-A30
Acer A3-A40 acer_jetfirefhd A3-A40
Acer AK330s C8n AK330S
Acer Acer Chromebook R11 (C738T) cyan_cheets Acer Chromebook R11
Acer Acer Chromebook R11 (C738T) cyan_cheets Acer Chromebook R11 (CB5-132T / C738T)
Acer Aspire A3 aa3-600 AA3-600
Acer B1-710 B1-710 B1-710
Acer B1-711 B1-711 B1-711
Acer B1-720 b1-720 b1-720
Acer B1-721 b1-721 b1-721
Acer B1-723 oban B1-723
Acer B1-730 vespatn B1-730
Acer B1-730HD vespa B1-730HD
Acer B1-733 acer_barricade_3G B1-733
Acer B1-780 acer_barricadewifi B1-780
Acer B1-790 acer_barricadewifi B1-790
Acer B1-820 citizen B1-820
Acer B1-850 Frenzy B1-850
Acer B1-A71 B1-A71 B1-A71
Acer B3-A30 acer_jetfirehd B3-A30
Acer B3-A32 acer_jetfirelte B3-A32
Acer B3-A40 acer_asgard B3-A40
Acer CloudMobile S500 a9 S500
Acer DA221HQL da1 DA221HQL
Acer DA222HQL da2 DA222HQL
Acer DA222HQLA da2 DA222HQLA
Acer DA222HQLA da222hqla DA222HQLA
Acer DA223HQL da3 DA223HQL
Acer DA226HQ da6 DA226HQ
Acer DA241HL DA241HL DA241HL
Acer DA245HQL da245hql DA245HQL
Acer E380 acer_e3n E380
Acer G1-715 G1-715 G1-715
Acer G100W maya G100W
Acer GT-810 rolex GT-810
Acer I110 I1 I110
Acer Icona One 7 vespa B1-730HD
Acer Iconia One 10 corona B3-A20
Acer Iconia One 10 corona B3-A20B
Acer Iconia One 7 G1-725 G1-725
Acer Iconia One 7 vespa B1-730HD
Acer Iconia One 7 vespa2 B1-750
Acer Iconia One 7 vespatn B1-730
Acer Iconia One 8 vespa8 A1-850
Acer Iconia One 8 vespa8 B1-810
Acer Iconia Tab 10 acer_harley A3-A20
Acer Iconia Tab 10 acer_harleyfhd A3-A20FHD
Acer Iconia Tab 7 acer_aprilia A1-713
Acer Iconia Tab 7 acer_apriliahd A1-713HD
Acer Iconia Tab 8 ducati2fhd A1-840FHD
Acer Iconia Tab 8 ducati2hd A1-840
Acer Iconia Tab 8 ducati2hd3g A1-841
Acer Iconia Tab A100 (VanGogh) vangogh A100
Acer Iconia Tab A100 (VanGogh) vangogh A101
Acer Iconia Tab A200 picasso_e A200
Acer Iconia Tab A210 picasso_e2 A210
Acer Iconia Tab A211 picasso_e2 A211
Acer Iconia Tab A500 picasso A500
Acer Iconia Tab A501 picasso A501
Acer Iconia Tab A510 picasso_m A510
Acer Iconia Tab A511 picasso_m A511
Acer Iconia Tab A700 picasso_mf A700
Acer Iconia Tab A701 picasso_mf A701
Acer Iconia TalkTab 7 acer_a1_724 A1-724
Acer Liquid a1 Acer Liquid
Acer Liquid a1 Acer S100
Acer Liquid a1 Liquid
Acer Liquid 200 acer_z200 Z200
Acer Liquid C1 I1 I110
Acer Liquid E1 C10 V360
Acer Liquid E2 C11 V370
Acer Liquid E3 acer_e3 E380
Acer Liquid E3 acer_e3n E380
Acer Liquid E3S acer_ZXR Z130
Acer Liquid E600 e600 E600
Acer Liquid E700 acer_e39 E39
Acer Liquid Gallant E350 C8 AK330
Acer Liquid Gallant E350 C8 E350
Acer Liquid Jade acer_S55 S55
Acer Liquid Jade 2 acer_s58a S58A
Acer Liquid Jade S acer_S56 S56
Acer Liquid Jade Z acer_S57 S57
Acer Liquid Mini C4R E310
Acer Liquid S1 a10 S510
Acer Liquid S2 a12 S520
Acer Liquid S3 s3 S53
Acer Liquid X1 s3 S53
Acer Liquid X2 acer_S59 S59
Acer Liquid Z200 acer_z200 Z200
Acer Liquid Z205 acer_z205 Z205
Acer Liquid Z205 acer_z205p Z205
Acer Liquid Z205 acer_z205p Z205P
Acer Liquid Z220 z220 Z220
Acer Liquid Z3 ZX Z130
Acer Liquid Z3 acer_ZXR Z130
Acer Liquid Z320 T012 T012
Acer Liquid Z330 T01 T01
Acer Liquid Z4 acer_Z6 Z160
Acer Liquid Z410 acer_z410 Z410
Acer Liquid Z5 acer_ZXL Z150
Acer Liquid Z500 acer_Z500 Z500
Acer Liquid Z520 acer_z520 Z520
Acer Liquid Z530 acer_T02 T02
Acer Liquid Z530S acer_t05 T05
Acer Liquid Z6 acer_t09 T09
Acer Liquid Z6 Plus acer_t11 T11
Acer Liquid Z630 acer_t03 T03
Acer Liquid Z630S acer_t04 T04
Acer Liquid Z6E acer_t10 T10
Acer Liquid Zest acer_t06 T06
Acer Liquid Zest 4G acer_t07 T07
Acer Liquid Zest Plus acer_t08 T08
Acer LiquidMT a4 Acer Liquid Metal
Acer LiquidMT a4 Liquid MT
Acer LiquidMT a4 Liquid Metal
Acer M3-2200 da2 M3-2200
Acer N3-2200 da2 N3-2200
Acer Picasso picasso A501
Acer Picasso ventana A500
Acer Picasso ventana G100W
Acer Picasso ventana TPA60W
Acer TA2 ta2 TA272HUL
Acer TA272HUL ta2 TA272HUL
Acer TPA60W maya TPA60W
Acer Tab 7 td070va1 TD070VA1
Acer Z110 Z1 Z110
Acer Z120 Z2 Z120
Adart ALIGATOR S4082 Duo S4082Duo S4082 Duo
Adart ALIGATOR S5062 Duo S5062Duo S5062 Duo
Adart ALIGATOR S5510 Duo Aligator_S5510 Aligator S5510
Adart RX550 ALIGATOR_RX550 RX550
Adart S5060 Duo ALIGATOR_S5060 ALIGATOR S5060
Admiral Overseas Corporation A7 A7 A7
Admiral Overseas Corporation C7 C7 C7
Admiral Overseas Corporation O7 O7 O7
Advan digital 5041 ADVAN_5041 5041
Advan digital 5059 ADVAN_5059 5059
Advan digital 5060 ADVAN_5060 5060
Advan digital E1C ADVAN_E1C_3G E1C_3G
Advan digital I55A I55A I55A
Advan digital I5E ADVAN_I5E I5E
Advan digital I7D ADVAN_I7D I7D
Advan digital M4 ADVAN_M4 ADVAN M4
Advan digital S45E ADVAN_S45E S45E
Advan digital S4Z ADVAN_S4Z S4Z
Advan digital S5E_NXT ADVAN_S5E_NXT S5E_NXT
Advan digital S7A S7A S7A
Advan digital S7C ADVAN_S7C S7C
Advan digital T2J T2J T2J
Advan digital T2K T2K T2K
Advan digital X7 Pro ADVAN_7008 7008
Advan digital i7A ADVAN_i7A i7A
Affix T737 AFFIX_T737 AFFIX T737
AG Mobile AG BOOST 2 BOOST2 E4010
AG Mobile AG Flair AG_Flair Flair
AG Mobile AG Go Tab Access 2 AG_Go_Tab_Access_2 AG_Go_Tab_Access_2
AG Mobile AG Ultra2 AG_Ultra2 Ultra 2
AG Mobile AG_Go-Tab_Access md789hwag AG Go-Tab Access
AG Mobile AG_Tab_7_0 AG_Tab_7_0 AG_Tab_7_0
AG Mobile Boost Boost Boost
AG Mobile Chacer Chacer Chacer
AG Mobile Freedom Access Freedom_Access Freedom Access
AG Mobile Freedom E Freedom_E Freedom E
AG Mobile Freedom Plus LTE Freedom_Plus_LTE Freedom Plus LTE
AG Mobile Ghost Ghost Ghost
AG Mobile Glow Glow Glow
AG Mobile HASHTAG Hashtag Hashtag
AG Mobile Hype Hype Hype
AG Mobile Neon Neon Neon
AG Mobile Quest Quest Quest
AG Mobile Rage Rage Rage
AG Mobile Shine Shine Shine
AG Mobile Status Status Status
AG Mobile Style Style Style
AG Mobile Style_2 Style_2 Style 2
AG Mobile Swift Swift Swift
AG Mobile Swift_Plus Swift_Plus Swift_Plus
AG Mobile ULTRA Ultra Ultra
AG Mobile Zenith Zenith Zenith
AG Mobile Zone Zone Zone
AG Mobile Zoom Zoom Zoom
Aikun RX300 X300 X300
Aikun Solely Tab S7 HV1A S7
Aikun Solely Tab S8 HV1A S8
Airtel SH960S-AT ganesa SH960S-AT
Aiuto AT1001 AT1001 AT1001
Aiuto AT701 AT701 AT701
Allfine Allfine M721 86S M721
Allfine Allfine PC1038Q fine10_Joy PC1038Q
AllView A5 Easy A5_Easy A5_Easy
AllView A5 Easy A5_Easy A5_Easy_TM
AllView A5 Lite A5_Lite A5_Lite
AllView A5 Quad Plus A5_Quad_Plus A5_Quad_Plus
AllView A5 Quad Plus A5_Quad_Plus A5_Quad_Plus_TM
AllView A5 Ready A5_Ready A5_Ready
AllView A5 Ready A5_Ready A5_Ready_TM
AllView A6 Duo A6_Duo A6_Duo
AllView A6 Lite A6_Lite A6_Lite
AllView A7 Lite A7_Lite A7_Lite
AllView A8 Lite A8_Lite A8_Lite
AllView A8 Lite TM A8_Lite A8_Lite_TM
AllView AX4 Nano Plus AX4Nano_plus AX4Nano_plus
AllView AX501Q AX501Q AX501Q
AllView C6 Duo C6_Duo C6_Duo
AllView C6 Quad 4G C6_Quad_4G C6Quad_4G
AllView E2 Jump ALLVIEW_E2_Jump E2_Jump
AllView E3 Jump E3_Jump E3_Jump
AllView E3 Living E3_Living E3_Living
AllView E3 Sign E3_Sign E3_Sign
AllView E4 E4 E4
AllView E4 Lite E4_Lite E4_Lite
AllView P4 Pro P4_Pro P4_Pro
AllView P4 eMagic P4_eMagic P4_eMagic
AllView P4 eMagic P4_eMagic P4_eMagic_TM
AllView P41 eMagic P41_eMagic P41_eMagic
AllView P41 eMagic P41_eMagic P41_eMagic_TM
AllView P42 P42 P42
AllView P5 Energy P5_Energy P5_Energy
AllView P5 Life P5Life P5Life_TM
AllView P5 Lite P5_Lite P5_Lite
AllView P5 Pro P5_Pro P5_Pro
AllView P5 eMagic P5_eMagic P5_eMagic
AllView P5 eMagic P5_eMagic P5_eMagic_TM
AllView P5Life P5Life P5Life
AllView P5_Pro P5_Pro P5_Pro_TM
AllView P6 Plus P6_plus P6_plus
AllView P6 Energy P6_Energy P6_Energy_TM
AllView P6 Energy Lite P6_Energy_Lite P6_Energy_Lite
AllView P6 Energy Lite P6_Energy_Lite P6_Energy_Lite_TM
AllView P6 Energy mini P6_Energy_mini P6_Energy_mini
AllView P6 Life P6_Life P6_Life
AllView P6 Lite P6_lite P6_lite
AllView P6 Lite P6_lite P6_lite_TM
AllView P6 Lite P6_lite P6_lite_mTEL
AllView P6 Pro P6_Pro P6_Pro
AllView P6 Qmax P6_Qmax P6_Qmax
AllView P6 eMagic P6_eMagic P6_eMagic
AllView P6_Energy P6_Energy P6_Energy
AllView P7 PRO P7_PRO P7_PRO
AllView P8 Energy P8_Energy P8_Energy
AllView P8 Energy Pro P8_Energy_PRO P8_Energy_PRO
AllView P8 Energy mini P8_Energy_mini P8_Energy_mini
AllView P8 Energy mini P8_Energy_mini P8_Energy_mini_TM
AllView P8 Life P8_Life P8_Life
AllView P8 eMagic P8_eMagic P8_eMagic
AllView P8 eMagic P8_eMagic P8_eMagic_TM
AllView P9 Energy P9_Energy P9_Energy
AllView P9 Energy Lite P9_Energy_Lite P9_Energy_Lite
AllView P9 Energy Lite 2017 P9_Energy_Lite_2017 P9_Energy_Lite_2017
AllView P9 Energy Mini P9_Energy_mini P9_Energy_mini_TM
AllView P9 Energy mini P9_Energy_mini P9_Energy_mini
AllView V1 Viper E V1_Viper_E V1_Viper_E
AllView V1 Viper I4G V1_Viper_I4G V1_Viper_I4G
AllView V1 Viper I4G V1_Viper_I4G V1_Viper_I4G_PL
AllView V1 Viper I4G V1_Viper_I4G V1_Viper_I4G_TM
AllView V1 Viper I4G V1_Viper_I4G_PL V1_Viper_I4G_PL
AllView V1 Viper L V1_Viper_L V1_Viper_L
AllView V1 Viper S4G V1_Viper_S4G V1_Viper_S4G
AllView V2 Viper V2_Viper V2_Viper
AllView V2 Viper E V2_Viper_E V2_Viper_E
AllView V2 Viper I V2_Viper_I V2_Viper_I
AllView V2 Viper I V2_Viper_I V2_Viper_I_TM
AllView V2 Viper I4G V2_Viper_I4G V2_Viper_I4G
AllView V2 Viper S V2_Viper_S V2_Viper_S
AllView V2 Viper X V2_Viper_X V2_Viper_X
AllView V2 Viper X plus V2_Viper_X_plus V2_Viper_X_plus
AllView V2 Viper Xe V2_Viper_Xe V2_Viper_Xe
AllView Viva 1001G Viva_1001G Viva_1001G
AllView Viva C701 Viva_C701 Viva_C701
AllView Viva C702 Viva_C702 Viva_C702
AllView Viva H10 LTE Allview_VivaH10LTE_KK VivaH10LTE
AllView Viva H1001 LTE Viva_H1001_LTE Viva_H1001_LTE
AllView Viva H1002 LTE Viva_H1002_LTE Viva_H1002_LTE
AllView Viva H7 LTE Allview_VivaH7LTE_KK VivaH7LTE
AllView Viva H8 LTE Allview_VivaH8LTE_KK VivaH8LTE
AllView Viva H8 Life H8_Life H8_Life
AllView Viva H801 Viva_H801 Viva_H801
AllView Viva H801 LTE Viva_H801_LTE Viva_H801_LTE
AllView Viva H802 LTE Viva_H802_LTE Viva_H802_LTE
AllView Viva i10HD Viva_i10HD Viva_i10HD
AllView Viva i701G Viva_H701_LTE Viva_H701_LTE_CZ
AllView Viva i701G Viva_i701G Viva_i701G
AllView Viva i701G Viva_i701G Viva_i701G_TM
AllView Viva i7G Viva_i7G Viva_i7G
AllView Viva_H701_LTE Viva_H701_LTE Viva_H701_LTE
AllView X2 Soul Lite X2_Soul_Lite X2_Soul_Lite
AllView X2 Soul Lite X2_Soul_Lite X2_Soul_Lite_TM
AllView X2 Soul Mini X2_Soul_Mini X2_Soul_Mini
AllView X2 Soul PRO X2_Soul_PRO X2_Soul_PRO
AllView X2 Soul Style X2_Soul_Style X2_Soul_Style
AllView X2 Soul Style X2_Soul_Style X2_Soul_Style_TM
AllView X2 Soul Style+ X2_Soul_Style_Plus X2_Soul_Style_Plus
AllView X2 Soul Xtreme X2_Soul_Xtreme X2_Soul_Xtreme
AllView X3 Soul Lite X3_Soul_Lite X3_Soul_Lite
AllView X3 Soul Lite X3_Soul_Lite X3_Soul_Lite_TM
AllView X3 Soul Plus X3_Soul_PLUS X3_Soul_PLUS
AllView X3 Soul Pro X3_Soul_PRO X3_Soul_PRO
AllView X3 Soul Style X3_Soul_Style X3_Soul_Style
AllView X3 Soul mini X3_Soul_mini X3_Soul_mini
AllView X3Soul X3_Soul X3_Soul
AllView X4 Soul X4_Soul X4_Soul
AllView X4 Soul Lite X4_Soul_Lite X4_Soul_Lite
AllView X4 Soul Mini X4_Soul_Mini X4_Soul_Mini
AllView X4 Soul Style X4_Soul_Style X4_Soul_Style
AllView X4 Soul Xtreme X4_Soul_Xtreme X4_Soul_Xtreme
Alphascan SAT2242 WorkTab ADP_WW G2SMNT
Amgoo AM402 AM402 AM402
Amgoo AM506 AM506 AM506
Amplify TL10RA3 TL10RA3_1 TL10RA3
Amplify TR10CD3 TR10CD3_1 TR10CD3
Amplify TR10CD3 TR10CD3_2 TR10CD3
AMTC AMTC MD1001 Tablet MD1001 MD1001
AMTC AMTC MD7008 MD7008A MD7008
AMTC AMTC MD7081 MD7081A MD7081
ANS ANS Trailblazer rugged-smartphone H450R
Anydata ASP320Q_GSM ASP320Q_ANDi
Anydata Aquaris I8 bq_Aquaris bq Aquaris
Anydata Auchan MID7317CP Tablet MID7317CP MID7317CP
Anydata COBY MID7055 MID7055 MID7055
Anydata Carrefour CT710 M755ND CT710
Anydata Carrefour CT720 / Emdoor EM63 Tablet EM63 EM63
Anydata Coby MID1065 MID1065 MID1065
Anydata Coby MID7065 MID7065 MID7065
Anydata Coby MID8065 MID8065 MID8065
Anydata D2-721G D2-721G D2-721G
Anydata D2-727G D2-727 D2-727
Anydata DOPO GMS-718 Tablet / Discovery DT088 GS-718
Anydata DOTPAD DP3D8 / Gadmei E8-3D DP3D8
Anydata Digix TAB-840_G TAB-840_G TAB-840_G
Anydata Eviant MT8000 PDM829MD MT8000
Anydata Garmin nuvi3590 scorpio nuvi 3590
Anydata Garmin nuvi3595 scorpio nuvi 3595
Anydata Grundig GR-TB10S Tablet GR-TB10S GR-TB10S
Anydata HKC P771A P771A_WIFI P771A
Anydata HKC P774A P774A P774A
Anydata HKC P776A P776A P776A
Anydata HKC P778A HKCP778A P778A
Anydata HKC P886A P886A P886A
Anydata HS_7DTB14 HS_7DTB14 HS_7DTB14
Anydata Insignia NS-13T001 Tablet oracle NS-13T001
Anydata Jiateng JT1241 JT1241 JT1241
Anydata Lazer MD7305 Tablet / AMTC MD7305 MD7305
Anydata Le Pan S oracle Le Pan S
Anydata LePanII LePanII_wifi LePanII
Anydata Leader I10A-LE I10A-LE I10A-LE
Anydata Mach_Speed Trio G2 Tablet Trio_Stealth_G2 G2
Anydata Marquis Tablet marquis_tablet Marquis_MP977
Anydata Matsunichi M97 oracle M97
Anydata Monster M7 Tablet MONSTERM7 M7
Anydata Nextbook NX007HD Tablet M7000ND NX007HD
Anydata Nextbook NX008HD8G Tablet M8000ND NX008HD8G
Anydata Nextbook NX008HI Tablet / Carrefour CT810 M909NP NX008HI
Anydata Nextbook Next7D12 Tablet M757ND Next7D12
Anydata Nextbook Next7P12 M727MC Next7P12
Anydata Philips W336 Crane Philips W336
Anydata Philips W536 Philips_WG-MANTO-RU_B Philips W536
Anydata Philips W626 sangfei73_gb W626
Anydata Philips W632 robot Philips W632
Anydata Philips W832 Philips_WG-ROVER-RU_A Philips W832
Anydata Proscan PLT7223G PLT7223G PLT7223G
Anydata Proscan PLT7777 AMLMID710K PLT7777
Anydata Proscan PLT8223G PLT8223G PLT8223G
Anydata RCA RCT6078W2 AMLEM62 RCT6078W2
Anydata RCA RCT6078W2 EM62 RCT6078W2
Anydata TecToy TT-2500 AML757ND TECTOYTT2500
Anydata Visual Land Prestige 7D PRO7D PRO7D
Anydata Vivitar Camelio Tablet PI070H04CA Camelio Family tablet
Anydata Vivitar XO Tablet PI070H08XO XO Learning tablet
Anydata Zeki TBDG773 TBDG773 TBDG773
Anydata ematic EGP008 EGP008 EGP008
Anydata ematic EGP010 EGP010 EGP010
Anydata ematic EGS004 EGS004 EGS004
Anydata ematic EGS102 EGS102 EGS102
Anydata essentielb ST8003/FT8001 Tablet M805ND Smart'TAB 8003
Anydata iCraig CMP748 CMP748 CMP748
Anydata iCraig CMP749 CMP749 CMP749
AOpen "AOpen RK3288 10"" Chromebase" tiger_cheets AOpen Chromebase Mini
AOpen AOpen RK3288 Mini Chromebox fievel_cheets AOpen Chromebox Mini
Apex MT-734G MT-734G MT-734G
Apex TM772 TM772 TM772
Apex TM785CH tm785ch TM785CH
Aprix Aprix_Phat6 Aprix_Phat6 Aprix_Phat6
Aprix Aprix_X4 Aprix_X4 Aprix_X4
Aprix Tab64 AprixTab64 Aprix Tab64
Arcelik B55L 9682 5AS arcelik_eu arcelik_uhd_powermax_at
Archos A101S ARCHOS 101G9
Archos A101S Archos 101 Internet Tablet
Archos A80S ARCHOS 80G9
Archos A80S Archos 80 Internet Tablet
Archos 101 Childpad A101CHP ARCHOS 101 CHILDPAD
Archos 101 Cobalt AC101CO Archos 101 Cobalt
Archos 101 G9 A101 ARCHOS 101G9
Archos 101 Magnus ac101ma ARCHOS 101 Magnus
Archos 101 Neon A101NE Archos 101 Neon
Archos 101 Platinum A101PL ARCHOS 101 PLATINUM
Archos 101 Titanium A101TI ARCHOS 101 Titanium
Archos 101 XS A101XS ARCHOS 101G10
Archos 101 Xenon a101xe Archos 101 Xenon
Archos 101XS2 AC101XS2 ARCHOS 101 XS 2
Archos 101b XS2 ac101bxs2 ARCHOS 101b XS2
Archos 40 Power ac40po Archos 40 Power
Archos 40 Titanium a40ti Archos 40 Titanium
Archos 40b Titanium a40btisr Archos 40b Titanium Surround
Archos 40c Titanium ac40cti Archos 40c Titanium
Archos 40d Titanium ac40dti ARCHOS 40d Titanium
Archos 45 Helium 4G a45he Archos 45 Helium 4G
Archos 45 Platinum msm8625 Archos 45 Platinum
Archos 45 Titanium a45ti Archos 45 Titanium
Archos 45c Platinum ac45cpl Archos 45c Platinum
Archos 45c Titanium ac45cti Archos 45c Titanium
Archos 45d Platinum ac45dpl Archos 45d Platinum
Archos 50 Cobalt ac50co Archos 50 Cobalt
Archos 50 Diamond ac50da Archos 50 Diamond
Archos 50 Helium 4G a50he Archos 50 Helium 4G
Archos 50 Helium Plus ac50heplus Archos 50 Helium Plus
Archos 50 Neon a50ne Archos 50 Neon
Archos 50 Oxygen a50ox Archos 50 Oxygen
Archos 50 Platinum msm8625 Archos 50 Platinum
Archos 50 Saphir ac50sa Archos 50 Saphir
Archos 50 Titanium a50ti Archos 50 Titanium
Archos 50 Titanium 4G ac50ti A50TI
Archos 50b Helium ac50bhe AC50BHE
Archos 50b Helium ac50bhe Archos 50b Helium 4G
Archos 50b Oxygen a50box Archos 50b Oxygen
Archos 50b Platinum ac50bpl Archos 50b Platinum
Archos 50c Neon ac50cne ARCHOS 50c Neon
Archos 50c Neon ac50cne Archos 50c Neon
Archos 50c Oxygen a50cox Archos 50c Oxygen
Archos 50c Platinum ac50cpl Archos 50c Platinum
Archos 50d Neon ac50dne Archos 50d Neon
Archos 53 Platinum msm8625 Archos 53 Platinum
Archos 53 Titanium a53ti Archos 53 Titanium
Archos 55 Cobalt Plus ac55cop Archos 55 Cobalt Plus
Archos 55 Cobalt Plus ac55cop Archos 55 Cobalt plus
Archos 55b Platinum ac55bpl Archos 55B Platinum
Archos 70 Cobalt AC70CO ARCHOS 70 Cobalt
Archos 70 Neon ac70ne Archos 70 Neon
Archos 70 Titanium A70TI ARCHOS 70 Titanium
Archos 70 Xenon a70xe Archos 70 Xenon
Archos 70b Titanium A70BTI ARCHOS 70b TITANIUM
Archos 79 Neon a79ne Archos 79 Neon
Archos 79 Platinium AC79PL ARCHOS 79 Platinum
Archos 79 Xenon a79xe Archos 79 Xenon

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