134 hadith found in 'Characteristics of Prayer' of Sahih Bukhari.

(729) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Abi Qatada: My father said, "The Prophet used to recite Al-Fatiha along with another Sura in the first two Rakat of the Zuhr and the 'Asr prayers and at times a t verse or so was audible to us."
(730) Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: (My mother) Umu-l-Fadl heard me reciting "Wal Mursalati 'Urfan" (77) and said, "O my son! By Allah, your recitation made me remember that it was the last Sura I heard from Allah's Apostle. He recited it in the Maghrib prayer. "
(731) Narrated Marwan bin Al-Hakam: Zaid bin Thabit said to me, "Why do you recite very short S&ras in the Maghrib prayer while I heard the Prophet reciting the longer of the two long Suras?"
(732) Narrated Jubair bin Mut'im: My father said, "I heard Allah's Apostle reciting "At-Tur" (52) in the Maghrib prayer."
(733) Narrated Abu Rafi: I offered the 'Isha' prayer behind Abu Huraira and he recited, "Idha-s-Sama'u-n-Shaqqat" (84) and prostrated. On my inquiring, he said, "I prostrated behind Abu-l-Qasim (the Prophet) (when he recited that Sura) and I will go on doing it till I meet him."
(734) Narrated Al-Bara: The Prophet was on a journey and recited in one of the first two Rakat of the 'Isha' prayer "Wat-tini waz-zaituni." (95)
(735) Narrated Abu Rafi': Once I prayed the 'Isha' prayer with Abu Huraira and he recited, "Idha-s-Sama' u-nShaqqat" (84) and prostrated. I said, "What is that?" He said, "I prostrated behind Abu-l-Qasim, (the Prophet) (when he recited that Sura) and I will go on doing it till I meet him."
(736) Narrated Al-Bara: I heard the Prophet reciting wat-tini wazzaituni" (95) in the 'Isha' prayer, and I never heard a sweeter voice or a better way of recitation than that of the Prophet.
(737) Narrated Jabir bin Samura: 'Umar said to Sa'd, "The people complained against you in everything, even in prayer." Sa'd replied, "Really I used to prolong the first two Rakat and shorten the last two and I will never shorten the prayer in which I follow Allah's Apostle." 'Umar said, "You are telling the truth and that is what I think a tout you."
(738) Narrated Saiyar bin Salama: My father and I went to Abu Barza-al-Aslami to ask him about the stated times for the prayers. He replied, "The Prophet used to offer the Zuhr prayer when the sun just declined from its highest position at noon; the 'Asr at a time when if a man went to the farthest place in Medina (after praying) he would find the sun still hot (bright). (The sub narrator said: I have forgotten what Abu Barza said about the Maghrib prayer). The Prophet never found any harm in delaying the 'Isha' prayer to the first third of the night and he never liked to sleep before it and to talk after it. He used to offer the morning prayer at a time when after finishing it one could recognize the person sitting beside him and used to recite between 60 to 100 verses in one or both the Rakat."
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