165 hadith found in 'Merits of the Helpers in Madinah (Ansaar)' of Sahih Bukhari.

(280) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Abbas: The Prophet used to keep his hair falling loose while the pagans used to part their hair, and the People of the Scriptures used to keep their hair falling loose, and the Prophet liked to follow the People of the Scriptures in matters about which he had not been instructed differently, but later on the Prophet started parting his hair.
(281) Narrated Ibn Abbas: They, the people of the Scriptures, divided this Scripture into parts, believing in some portions of it and disbelieving the others. (See 15:91)
(282) Narrated Salman Al-Farisi: That he was sold (as a slave) by one master to another for more than ten times (i.e between 13 and 19).
(283) Narrated Salman: I am from Ram-Hurmuz (i.e. a Persian town).
(284) Narrated Salman: The interval between Jesus and Muhammad was six hundred years.
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