465 hadith found in 'Military Expeditions led by the Prophet (pbuh) (Al-Maghaazi)' of Sahih Bukhari.

(615) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Amr: When Allah's Apostle besieged Taif and could not conquer its people, he said, "We will return (to Medina) If Allah wills." That distressed the Companions (of the Prophet and they said, "Shall we go away without conquering it (i.e. the Fort of Taif)?" Once the Prophet said, "Let us return." Then the Prophet said (to them), "Fight tomorrow." They fought and (many of them) got wounded, whereupon the Prophet said, "We will return (to Medina) tomorrow if Allah wills." That delighted them, whereupon the Prophet smiled. The sub-narrator, Sufyan said once, "(The Prophet) smiled."
(616) Narrated Abu Uthman: I heard from Sad, the first man who has thrown an arrow in Allah's Cause, and from Abu Bakra who jumped over the wall of the Ta'if Fort along with a few persons and came to the Prophet. They both said, "We heard the Prophet saying, " If somebody claims to be the son of somebody other than his father knowingly, he will be denied Paradise (i.e. he will not enter Paradise).' " Narrated Ma'mar from 'Asim from Abu Al'Aliya or Abu Uthman An-Nahdi who said. "I heard Sad and Abu Bakra narrating from the Prophet." 'Asim said, "I said (to him), 'Very trustworthy persons have narrated to you.' He said, 'Yes, one of them was the first to throw an arrow in Allah's Cause and the other came to the Prophet in a group of thirty-three persons from Ta'if.'
(617) Narrated Abu Burda: Abu Musa said, "I was with the Prophet when he was encamping at Al-Jarana (a place) between Mecca and Medina and Bilal was with him. A bedouin came to the Prophet and said, "Won't you fulfill what you have promised me?" The Prophet said, 'Rejoice (at what I will do for you).' The bedouin said, "(You have said to me) rejoice too often." Then the Prophet turned to me (i.e. Abu Musa) and Bilal in an angry mood and said, 'The bedouin has refused the good tidings, so you both accept them.' Bilal and I said, 'We accept them.' Then the Prophet asked for a drinking bowl containing water and washed his hands and face in it, and then took a mouthful of water and threw it therein saying (to us), "Drink (some of) it and pour (some) over your faces and chests and be happy at the good tidings." So they both took the drinking bowl and did as instructed. Um Salama called from behind a screen, "Keep something (of the water for your mother." So they left some of it for her.
(618) Narrated Safwan bin Ya'la bin Umaiya: Ya'la used to say, "I wish I could see Allah's Apostle at the time when he is being inspired divinely." Ya'la added "While the Prophet was at Al-Ja'rana, shaded with a cloth sheet (in the form of a tent) and there were staying with him, some of his companions under it, suddenly there came to him a bedouin wearing a cloak and perfumed extravagantly. He said, "O Allah's Apostle ! What is your opinion regarding a man who assumes the state of Ihram for 'Umra wearing a cloak after applying perfume to his body?" 'Umar signalled with his hand to Ya'la to come (near). Ya'la came and put his head (underneath that cloth sheet) and saw the Prophet red-faced and when that state (of the Prophet ) was over, he said, "Where is he who as already asked me about the 'Umra?" The man was looked for and brought to the Prophet The Prophet said (to him), "As for the perfume you have applied to your body, wash it off your body) thrice, and take off your cloak, and then do in your 'Umra the rites you do in your Hajj."
(619) Narrated 'Abdullah bin Zaid bin Asim: When Allah gave to His Apostle the war booty on the day of Hunain, he distributed that booty amongst those whose hearts have been (recently) reconciled (to Islam), but did not give anything to the Ansar. So they
(620) Narrated Anas Bin Malik: hen." Anas added: But they did not remain patient.
(621) Narrated Anas: When it was the day of the Conquest (of Mecca) Allah's Apostle distributed the war booty amongst the people of Quraish which caused the Ansar to become angry. So the Prophet said, "Won't you be pleased that the people take the worldly things and you take Allah's Apostle with you? "They said, "Yes." The Prophet said, "If the people took their way through a valley or mountain pass, I would take my way through the Ansar's valley or mountain pass."
(622) Narrated Anas: When it was the day of (the battle of) Hunain, the Prophet confronted the tribe of Hawazin while there were ten-thousand (men) besides the Tulaqa' (i.e. those who had embraced Islam on the day of the Conquest of Mecca) with the Prophet. When they (i.e. Muslims) fled, the Prophet said, "O the group of Ansari" They replied, "Labbaik, O Allah's Apostle and Sadaik! We are under your command." Then the Prophet got down (from his mule) and said, "I am Allah's Slave and His Apostle." Then the pagans were defeated. The Prophet distributed the war booty amongst the Tulaqa and Muhajirin (i.e. Emigrants) and did not give anything to the Ansar. So the Ansar spoke (i.e. were dissatisfied) and he called them and made them enter a leather tent and said, Won't you be pleased that the people take the sheep and camels, and you take Allah's Apostle along with you?" The Prophet added, "If the people took their way through a valley and the Ansar took their way through a mountain pass, then I would choose a mountain pass of the Ansar"
(623) Narrated Anas: The Prophet gathered some people of Ansar and said, "The People of Quraish are still close to their Pre-lslamic period of ignorance and have suffered a lot, and I want to help them and attract their hearts (by giving them the war booty). Won't you be pleased that the people take the worldly things) and you take Allah's Apostle with you to your homes?" They said, "Yes, (i.e. we are pleased with this distribution)." The Prophet said, "'If the people took their way through a valley and the Ansar took their way through a mountain pass, then I would take the Ansar's valley or the Ansar's mountain pass."
(624) Narrated 'Abdullah: When the Prophet distribute the war booty of Hunain, a man from the Ansar said, "He (i.e. the Prophet), did not intend to please Allah in this distribution." So I came to the Prophet and informed him of that (statement) whereupon the color of his face changed and he said, "May Allah bestow His Mercy on Moses, for he was troubled with more than this, but he remained patient."
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