180 hadith found in 'Dress' of Sahih Bukhari.

(793) Narrated Anas : The Prophet had big hands and feet, and I have not seen anybody like him, neither before nor after him, and his palms were soft.
(794) Narrated Abu Huraira : The Prophet had big feet and a good-looking face and l have not seen anybody like him after him. Narrated Anas: The Prophet had big feet and hands. Narrated Anas or Jabir bin 'Abdullah The Prophet had big hands and feet and I have not seen anybody like him after him.
(795) Narrated Mujahid: We were with Ibn 'Abbas and the people mentioned Ad-Dajjal. Someone said, "The word 'Kafir' (unbeliever) is written in between his (Ad-Dajjal's) eyes." Ibn 'Abbas said, "I have not heard the Prophet saying this, but he said, 'As regards Abraham, he looks like your companion (i.e. the Prophet, Muhammad), and as regards Moses, he is a brown curly haired man riding a camel and reigned with a strong jute rope, as if lam now looking at him getting down in the valley and saying, "Labbaik".'"
(796) Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar : I heard 'Umar saying, "Whoever braids his hair should shave it (on finishing lhram). You'd better not do, something like Talbid." Ibn Umar used to say: "I saw Allah's Apostle with his hair stuck together with gum."
(797) Narrated Ibn 'Umar: I heard Allah's Apostle, while he was in the state of lhram and his hair was stuck together with gum, saying, "Labbaik, Allahumma Labbaik, Labbaik La Shanka laka Labbaik. Inn-al-Hamda Wan-Ni'mata Laka wal-Mulk, La Shanka Lak." He did not add anything to those words. (See Hadith No. 621, Vol. 2)
(798) Narrated Hafsa: (the wife of the Prophet) I said, "O Allah's Apostle! Why have the people finished their Ihram after performing the 'Umra while you have not finished your lhram after your 'Umra?" He said, "I have done Talbid (of my hair) and have decorated my Hadis with garlands, so I shall not finish my lhram till l have slaughtered my Hadi (animal for sacrifice)."
(799) Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet used to copy the people of the Scriptures in matters in which there was no order from Allah. The people of the Scripture used to let their hair hang down while the pagans used to part their hair. So the Prophet let his hair hang down first, but later on he parted it.
(800) Narrated 'Aisha : As if I am now looking at the shine of the hair parting of the Prophet while he was in the state of lhram.
(801) Narrated Ibn 'Abbas : Once I stayed overnight in the house of my aunt Maimuna bint Al-Harith and Allah's Apostle was with her as it was her turn. Allah's Apostle got up to offer the night prayer. I stood on his left but he took hold of my two locks of hair and made me stand on his right.
(802) Narrated Abu Bishr (the above Hadith) but he quoted: Ibn 'Abbas said, (took hold of) my two braids on my head."
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