73 hadith found in 'Asking Permission' of Sahih Bukhari.

(304) Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet confided to me a secret which I did not disclose to anybody after him. And Um Sulaim asked me (about that secret) but I did not tell her.
(305) Narrated 'Abdullah: The Prophet said, "When you are three persons sitting together, then no two of you should hold secret counsel excluding the third person until you are with some other people too, for that would grieve him."
(306) Narrated 'Abdullah: One day the Prophet divided and distributed something amongst the people whereupon an Ansari man said, "In this division Allah's Countenance has not been sought." I said, "By Allah! I will go (and inform) the Prophet." So I went to him while he was with a group of people, and I secretly informed him of that, whereupon he became so angry that his face became red, and he then said, "May Allah bestow His Mercy on Moses (for) he was hurt more than that, yet he remained patient."
(307) Narrated Anas: The Iqama for the prayer was announced while a man was talking to Allah's Apostle privately. He continued talking in that way till the Prophet's companions slept, and afterwards the Prophet got up and offered the prayer with them.
(308) Narrated Salim's father: The Prophet said, "Do not keep the fire burning in your houses when you go to bed."
(309) Narrated Abu Musa: One night a house in Medina was burnt with its occupants. The Prophet spoke about them, saying, "This fire is indeed your enemy, so whenever you go to bed, put it out to protect yourselves."
(310) Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: Allah's Apostle said, "(At bedtime) cover the utensils, close the doors, and put out the lights, lest the evil creature (the rat) should pull away the wick and thus burn the people of the house."
(311) Narrated Jabir: Allah s Apostle said, "When you intend going to bed at night, put out the lights, close the doors, tie the mouths of the water skins, and cover your food and drinks." Hamrnam said, "I think he (the other narrator) added, 'even with piece of wood across the utensil.'
(312) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said "Five things are in accordance with Al Fitra (i.e. the tradition of prophets): to be circumcised, to shave the pelvic region, to pull out the hair of the armpits, to cut short the moustaches, and to clip the nails.'
(313) Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said "The Prophet) Abraham circumcised himself after he had passed the age of eighty years and he circumcised himself with an adze." Narrated Said bin Jubair: Ibn 'Abbas was asked, "How old were you when the Prophet died?" He replied. "At that time I had been circumcised." At that time, people did not circumcise the boys till they attained the age of puberty. Sa'id bin Jubair said, "Ibn 'Abbas said, 'When the Prophet died, I had already been circumcised. "
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