81 hadith found in 'Oaths and Vows' of Sahih Bukhari.

(668) Narrated 'Abdullah: Allah's Apostle said, "If somebody is ordered (by the ruler or the judge) to take an oath, and he takes a false oath in order to grab the property of a Muslim, then he will incur Allah's Wrath when he will meet Him." And Allah revealed in its confirmation: 'Verily! Those who purchase a small gain at the cost of Allah's covenants and their own oaths.' (3.77) (The sub-narrator added:) Al-Ash'ath bin Qais entered, saying, "What did Abu 'Abdur-Rahman narrate to you?" They said, "So-and-so," Al-Ash'ath said, "This verse was revealed in my connection. I had a well on the land of my cousin (and we had a dispute about it). I reported him to Allah 's Apostle who said (to me). "You should give evidence (i.e. witness) otherwise the oath of your opponent will render your claim invalid." I said, "Then he (my opponent) will take the oath, O Allah's Apostle." Allah's Apostle said, "Whoever is ordered (by the ruler or the judge) to give an oath, and he takes a false oath in order to grab the property of a Muslim, then he will incur Allah's Wrath when he meets Him on the Day of Resurrection."
(669) Narrated Abu Musa: My companions sent me to the Prophet to ask him for some mounts. He said, "By Allah! I will not mount you on anything!" When I met him, he was in an angry mood, but when I met him (again), he said, "Tell your companions that Allah or Allah's Apostle will provide you with mounts."
(670) Narrated Az-Zuhri: I heard 'Urwa bin Az-Zubair, Said bin Al-Musaiyab, 'Alqama bin Waqqas and 'Ubaidullah bin 'Abdullah bin 'Uqba relating from 'Aisha, the wife of the Prophet the narration of the people (i.e. the liars) who spread the slander against her and they said what they said, and how Allah revealed her innocence. Each of them related to me a portion of that narration. (They said that 'Aisha said), ''Then Allah revealed the ten Verses starting with:--'Verily! Those who spread the slander..' (24.11-21) All these verses were in proof of my innocence. Abu Bakr As-Siddiq who used to provide for Mistah some financial aid because of his relation to him, said, "By Allah, I will never give anything (in charity) to Mistah, after what he has said about 'Aisha" Then Allah revealed:-- 'And let not those among you who are good and are wealthy swear not to give (any sort of help) to their kins men....' (24.22) On that, Abu Bakr said, "Yes, by Allah, I like that Allah should forgive me." and then resumed giving Mistah the aid he used to give him and said, "By Allah! I will never withhold it from him."
(671) Narrated Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari: I went along with some men from the Ash-ariyin to Allah's Apostle and it happened that I met him while he was in an angry mood. We asked him to provide us with mounts, but he swore that he would not give us any. Later on he said, "By Allah, Allah willing, if ever I take an oath (to do something) and later on I find something else better than the first, then I do the better one and give expiation for the dissolution of my oath."
(672) Narrated Al-Musaiyab: When the death of Abu Talib approached, Allah's Apostle came to him and said, "Say: La ilaha illallah, a word with which I will be able to defend you before Allah."
(673) Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "(Following are) two words (sentences or utterances that are very easy for the tongue to say, and very heavy in the balance (of reward,) and the must beloved to the Gracious Almighty (And they are): Subhan Allah wa bi-hamdihi; Subhan Allahi-l-'Azim,"
(674) Narrated 'Abdullah: Allah's Apostle said a sentence and I said another. He said, "Whoever dies while he is setting up rivals along with Allah (i.e. worshipping others along with Allah) shall be admitted into the (Hell) Fire." And I said the other: "W
(675) Narrated Anas: Allah's Apostle took an oath for abstention from h is wives (for one month), and during those days he had a sprain in his foot. He stayed in a Mashrubah (an upper room) for twenty-nine nights and then came down. Then the people said, "O Allah's Apostle! You took an oath for abstention (from your wives) for one month." On that he said, A month can be of twenty-nine days '
(676) Narrated Abu Hazim: Sahl bin Sa'd said, "Abu Usaid, the companion of the Prophet, got married, so he invited the Prophet to his wedding party, and the bride herself served them. Sahl said to the People, 'Do you know what drink she served him with? She infused some dates in a pot at night and the next morning she served him with the infusion."
(677) Narrated Sauda: (the wife of the Prophet) One of our sheep died and we tanned its skin and kept on infusing dates in it till it was a worn out water skin.
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