52. At-Tur - سورة الطور - ( The Mount ) - Read Quran القران الكريم in English translation by Shakir
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سورة الطور

52. At-Tur | 49 verses | The Mount | Meccan

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1I swear by the Mountain,
2And the Book written
3In an outstretched fine parchment,
4And the House (Kaaba) that is visited,
5And the elevated canopy
6And the swollen sea
7Most surely the punishment of your Lord will come to pass;
8There shall be none to avert it;
9On the day when the heaven shall move from side to side
10And the mountains shall pass away passing away (altogether).
11So woe on that day to those who reject (the truth),
12Those who sport entering into vain discourses.
13The day on which they shall be driven away to the fire of hell with violence.
14This is the fire which you used to give the lie to.
15Is it magic then or do you not see?
16Enter into it, then bear (it) patiently, or do not bear (it) patiently, it is the same to you; you shall be requited only (for) what you did.
17Surely those who guard (against evil) shall be in gardens and bliss
18Rejoicing because of what their Lord gave them, and their Lord saved them from the punishment of the burning fire.
19Eat and drink pleasantly for what you did,
20Reclining on thrones set in lines, and We will unite them to large-eyed beautiful ones.
21And (as for) those who believe and their offspring follow them in faith, We will unite with them their offspring and We will not diminish to them aught of their work; every man is responsible for what he shall have wrought.
22And We will aid them with fruit and flesh such as they desire.
23They shall pass therein from one to another a cup wherein there shall be nothing vain nor any sin.
24And round them shall go boys of theirs as if they were hidden pearls.
25And some of them shall advance towards others questioning each other.
26Saying: Surely we feared before on account of our families:
27But Allah has been gracious to us and He has saved us from the punishment of the hot wind:
28Surely we called upon Him before: Surely He is the Benign, the Merciful.
29Therefore continue to remind, for by the grace of your Lord, you are not a soothsayer, or a madman.
30Or do they say: A poet, we wait for him the evil accidents of time.
31Say: Wait, for surely I too with you am of those who wait.
32Nay! do their understandings bid them this? Or are they an inordinate people?
33Or do they say: He has forged it. Nay! they do not believe.
34Then let them bring an announcement like it if they are truthful.
35Or were they created without there being anything, or are they the creators?
36Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay! they have no certainty.
37Or have they the treasures of your Lord with them? Or have they been set in absolute authority?
38Or have they the means by which they listen? Then let their listener bring a clear authority.
39Or has He daughters while you have sons?
40Or do you ask them for a reward, so that they are overburdened by a debt?
41Or have they the unseen so that they write (it) down?
42Or do they desire a war? But those who disbelieve shall be the vanquished ones in war.
43Or have they a god other than Allah? Glory be to Allah from what they set up (with Him).
44And if they should see a portion of the heaven coming down, they would say: Piled up clouds.
45Leave them then till they meet that day of theirs wherein they shall be made to swoon (with terror):
46The day on which their struggle shall not avail them aught, nor shall they be helped.
47And surely those who are unjust shall have a punishment besides that (in the world), but most of them do not know.
48And wait patiently for the judgment of your Lord, for surely you are before Our eyes, and sing the praise of your Lord when you rise;
49And in the night, give Him glory too, and at the setting of the stars.

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