77. Al-Mursalaat - سورة المرسلات - ( The Emissaries ) - Read Quran القران الكريم in English translation by Yusuf Ali
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سورة المرسلات

77. Al-Mursalaat | 50 verses | The Emissaries | Meccan

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1By the (Winds) sent forth one after another (to man's profit);
2Which then blow violently in tempestuous Gusts,
3And scatter (things) far and wide;
4Then separate them, one from another,
5Then spread abroad a Message,
6Whether of Justification or of Warning;-
7Assuredly, what ye are promised must come to pass.
8Then when the stars become dim;
9When the heaven is cleft asunder;
10When the mountains are scattered (to the winds) as dust;
11And when the messengers are (all) appointed a time (to collect);-
12For what Day are these (portents) deferred?
13For the Day of Sorting out.
14And what will explain to thee what is the Day of Sorting out?
15Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
16Did We not destroy the men of old (for their evil)?
17So shall We make later (generations) follow them.
18Thus do We deal with men of sin.
19Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
20Have We not created you from a fluid (held) despicable?-
21The which We placed in a place of rest, firmly fixed,
22For a period (of gestation), determined (according to need)?
23For We do determine (according to need); for We are the best to determine (things).
24Ah woe, that Day! to the Rejecters of Truth!
25Have We not made the earth (as a place) to draw together.
26The living and the dead,
27And made therein mountains standing firm, lofty (in stature); and provided for you water sweet (and wholesome)?
28Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
29(It will be said:) "Depart ye to that which ye used to reject as false!
30"Depart ye to a Shadow (of smoke ascending) in three columns,
31"(Which yields) no shade of coolness, and is of no use against the fierce Blaze.
32"Indeed it throws about sparks (huge) as Forts,
33"As if there were (a string of) yellow camels (marching swiftly)."
34Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
35That will be a Day when they shall not be able to speak.
36Nor will it be open to them to put forth pleas.
37Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
38That will be a Day of Sorting out! We shall gather you together and those before (you)!
39Now, if ye have a trick (or plot), use it against Me!
40Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
41As to the Righteous, they shall be amidst (cool) shades and springs (of water).
42And (they shall have) fruits,- all they desire.
43"Eat ye and drink ye to your heart's content: for that ye worked (Righteousness).
44Thus do We certainly reward the Doers of Good.
45Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
46(O ye unjust!) Eat ye and enjoy yourselves (but) a little while, for that ye are Sinners.
47Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
48And when it is said to them, "Prostrate yourselves!" they do not so.
49Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!
50Then what Message, after that, will they believe in?

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