78. An-Naba - سورة النبإ - ( The Announcement ) - Read Quran القران الكريم in English translation by Shakir
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سورة النبإ

78. An-Naba | 40 verses | The Announcement | Meccan

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1Of what do they ask one another?
2About the great event,
3About which they differ?
4Nay! they shall soon come to know
5Nay! Nay! they shall soon know.
6Have We not made the earth an even expanse?
7And the mountains as projections (thereon)?
8And We created you in pairs,
9And We made your sleep to be rest (to you),
10And We made the night to be a covering,
11And We made the day for seeking livelihood.
12And We made above you seven strong ones,
13And We made a shining lamp,
14And We send down from the clouds water pouring forth abundantly,
15That We may bring forth thereby corn and herbs,
16And gardens dense and luxuriant.
17Surely the day of decision is (a day) appointed:
18The day on which the trumpet shall be blown so you shall come forth in hosts,
19And the heaven shall be opened so that it shall be all openings,
20And the mountains shall be moved off so that they shall remain a mere semblance.
21Surely hell lies in wait,
22A place of resort for the inordinate,
23Living therein for ages.
24They shall not taste therein cool nor drink
25But boiling and intensely cold water,
26Requital corresponding.
27Surely they feared not the account,
28And called Our communications a lie, giving the lie (to the truth).
29And We have recorded everything in a book,
30So taste! for We will not add to you aught but chastisement.
31Surely for those who guard (against evil) is achievement,
32Gardens and vineyards,
33And voluptuous women of equal age;
34And a pure cup.
35They shall not hear therein any vain words nor lying.
36A reward from your Lord, a gift according to a reckoning:
37The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, the Beneficent Allah, they shall not be able to address Him.
38The day on which the spirit and the angels shall stand in ranks; they shall not speak except he whom the Beneficent Allah permits and who speaks the right thing.
39That is the sure day, so whoever desires may take refuge with his Lord.
40Surely We have warned you of a chastisement near at hand: the day when man shall see what his two hands have sent before, and the unbeliever shall say: O! would that I were dust!

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