سورة البلد

90. Al-Balad | 20 verses | The City | Meccan

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Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi
1. I swear by this city (Makkah);
2. And you are free (from sin, and to punish the enemies of Islam on the Day of the conquest) in this city (Makkah).
3. And by the begetter (i.e. Adam عليه السلام) and that which he begot (i.e. his progeny).
4. Verily, We have created man in toil.
5. Does he think that none can overcome him?
6. He says (boastfully): "I have wasted wealth in abundance!"
7. Does he think that none sees him?
8. Have We not made for him two eyes,
9. And a tongue and two lips?
10. And shown him the two ways (good and evil)?
11. But he has not attempted to pass on the path that is steep (i.e. the path which will lead to goodness and success).
12. And what will make you know the path that is steep?
13. (It is) freeing a neck (slave)
14. Or giving food in a day of hunger (famine),
15. To an orphan near of kin.
16. Or to a Miskin (poor) cleaving to dust (out of misery).
17. Then he became one of those who believed (in the Islamic Monotheism) and recommended one another to perseverance and patience, and (also) recommended one another to pity and compassion.
18. They are those on the Right Hand (i.e. the dwellers of Paradise),
19. But those who disbelieved in Our Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), they are those on the Left Hand (the dwellers of Hell).
20. The Fire will be shut over them (i.e. they will be enveloped by the Fire without any opening or window or outlet.

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