23. Al-Muminoon - سورة المؤمنون - ( The Believers ) - from 45 to 49 - transliteration, Yusuf Ali, Shakir, Pickthal, Mohsin Khan, Saheeh, Urdu,
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سورة المؤمنون

23. Al-Muminoon | 118 verses | The Believers | Meccan

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ثُمَّ أَرْسَلْنَا مُوسَىٰ وَأَخَاهُ هَارُونَ بِآيَاتِنَا وَسُلْطَانٍ مُّبِينٍ
Transliteration 45: Thumma arsalna moosa waakhahu haroona biayatina wasultanin mubeenin
Yusuf Ali 45: Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our Signs and authority manifest,
Shakir 45: Then We sent Musa and his brother Haroun, with Our communications and a clear authority,
Pickthal 45: Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our tokens and a clear warrant
Mohsin Khan: 45: Then We sent Musa (Moses) and his brother Harun‎‎ (Aaron), with Our Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) and manifest authority,
Saheeh: 45: Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron with Our signs and a clear authority
Urdu 45: پھر ہم نے موسیٰ اور اس کے بھائی ہارون کو اپنی نشانیاں اور کھلی سند دے کر

إِلَىٰ فِرْعَوْنَ وَمَلَئِهِ فَاسْتَكْبَرُوا وَكَانُوا قَوْمًا عَالِينَ
Transliteration 46: Ila firAAawna wamalaihi faistakbaroo wakanoo qawman AAaleena
Yusuf Ali 46: To Pharaoh and his Chiefs: But these behaved insolently: they were an arrogant people.
Shakir 46: To Firon and his chiefs, but they behaved haughtily and they were an insolent people.
Pickthal 46: Unto Pharaoh and his chiefs, but they scorned (them) and they were despotic folk.
Mohsin Khan: 46: To Fir'aun (Pharaoh) and his chiefs, but they behaved insolently and they were people self-exalting (by disobeying their Lord, and exalting themselves over and above the Messenger of Allah).
Saheeh: 46: To Pharaoh and his establishment, but they were arrogant and were a haughty people.
Urdu 46: فرعون اور اس کے سرداروں کے پاس بھیجا پھر انہوں نے تکبر کیا اور وہ سرکش لوگ تھے

فَقَالُوا أَنُؤْمِنُ لِبَشَرَيْنِ مِثْلِنَا وَقَوْمُهُمَا لَنَا عَابِدُونَ
Transliteration 47: Faqaloo anuminu libasharayni mithlina waqawmuhuma lana AAabidoona
Yusuf Ali 47: They said: "Shall we believe in two men like ourselves? And their people are subject to us!"
Shakir 47: And they said: What! shall we believe in two mortals like ourselves while their people serve us?
Pickthal 47: And they said: Shall we put faith in two mortals like ourselves, and whose folk are servile unto us?
Mohsin Khan: 47: They said: "Shall we believe in two men like ourselves, and their people are obedient to us with humility (and we use them to serve us as we like)."
Saheeh: 47: They said, "Should we believe two men like ourselves while their people are for us in servitude?"
Urdu 47: پھر کہا کیا ہم اپنے جیسے دو شخصوں پر ایمان لائیں جن کی قوم ہماری غلامی کر رہی ہو

فَكَذَّبُوهُمَا فَكَانُوا مِنَ الْمُهْلَكِينَ
Transliteration 48: Fakaththaboohuma fakanoo mina almuhlakeena
Yusuf Ali 48: So they accused them of falsehood, and they became of those who were destroyed.
Shakir 48: So they rejected them and became of those who were destroyed.
Pickthal 48: So they denied them, and became of those who were destroyed.
Mohsin Khan: 48: So they denied them both [Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron)] and became of those who were destroyed.
Saheeh: 48: So they denied them and were of those destroyed.
Urdu 48: پھر ان دونوں کو جھٹلایا پھر ہلاک کر دیے گئے

وَلَقَدْ آتَيْنَا مُوسَى الْكِتَابَ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَهْتَدُونَ
Transliteration 49: Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba laAAallahum yahtadoona
Yusuf Ali 49: And We gave Moses the Book, in order that they might receive guidance.
Shakir 49: And certainly We gave Musa the Book that they may follow a right direction.
Pickthal 49: And We verily gave Moses the Scripture, that haply they might go aright.
Mohsin Khan: 49: And indeed We gave Musa (Moses) the Scripture, that they may be guided.
Saheeh: 49: And We certainly gave Moses the Scripture that perhaps they would be guided.
Urdu 49: اور البتہ ہم نے موسیٰ کو کتاب دی تھی تاکہ وہ ہدایت پائیں

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