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وَأَخِي هَارُونُ هُوَ أَفْصَحُ مِنِّي لِسَانًا فَأَرْسِلْهُ مَعِيَ رِدْءًا يُصَدِّقُنِي ۖ إِنِّي أَخَافُ أَن يُكَذِّبُونِ
Transliteration 34: Waakhee haroonu huwa afsahu minnee lisanan faarsilhu maAAiya ridan yusaddiqunee innee akhafu an yukaththibooni
Yusuf Ali 34: "And my brother Aaron - He is more eloquent in speech than I: so send him with me as a helper, to confirm (and strengthen) me: for I fear that they may accuse me of falsehood."
Shakir 34: And my brother, Haroun, he is more eloquent of tongue than I, therefore send him with me as an aider, verifying me: surely I fear that they would reject me.
Pickthal 34: My brother Aaron is more eloquent than me in speech. Therefor send him with me as a helper to confirm me. Lo! I fear that they will give the lie to me.
Mohsin Khan: 34: "And my brother Harun (Aaron) - he is more eloquent in speech than me: so send him with me as a helper to confirm me. Verily I fear that they will belie me."
Saheeh: 34: And my brother Aaron is more fluent than me in tongue, so send him with me as support, verifying me. Indeed, I fear that they will deny me."
Urdu 34: اور میرے بھائی ہارون کی زبان مجھ سے زياہ روان ہے اسے میرے ساتھ مددگار بنا کر بھیج کہ میری تصدیق کرےکیونکہ میں ڈرتا ہوں کہ وہ مجھے جھٹلائیں گے

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