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سورة ص
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فَسَخَّرْنَا لَهُ الرِّيحَ تَجْرِي بِأَمْرِهِ رُخَاءً حَيْثُ أَصَابَ
Transliteration 36: Fasakhkharna lahu alrreeha tajree biamrihi rukhaan haythu asaba
Yusuf Ali 36: Then We subjected the wind to his power, to flow gently to his order, Whithersoever he willed,-
Shakir 36: Then We made the wind subservient to him; it made his command to run gently wherever he desired,
Pickthal 36: So We made the wind subservient unto him, setting fair by his command whithersoever he intended.
Mohsin Khan: 36: So, We subjected to him the wind; it blew gently by his order whithersoever he willed,
Saheeh: 36: So We subjected to him the wind blowing by his command, gently, wherever he directed,
Urdu 36: پھر ہم نے ہوا کو اس کے تابع کر دیا کہ وہ اس کے حکم سے بڑی نرمی سے چلتی تھی جہاں اسے پہنچنا ہوتا تھا

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