43. Az-Zukhruf - سورة الزخرف - ( Ornaments of gold ) - from 60 to 60 - transliteration, Yusuf Ali, Shakir, Pickthal, Mohsin Khan, Saheeh, Urdu,
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سورة الزخرف

43. Az-Zukhruf | 89 verses | Ornaments of gold | Meccan

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وَلَوْ نَشَاءُ لَجَعَلْنَا مِنكُم مَّلَائِكَةً فِي الْأَرْضِ يَخْلُفُونَ
Transliteration 60: Walaw nashao lajaAAalna minkum malaikatan fee alardi yakhlufoona
Yusuf Ali 60: And if it were Our Will, We could make angels from amongst you, succeeding each other on the earth.
Shakir 60: And if We please, We could make among you angels to be successors in the land.
Pickthal 60: And had We willed We could have set among you angels to be viceroys in the earth.
Mohsin Khan: 60: And if it were Our Will, We would have [destroyed you (mankind) all, and] made angels to replace you on the earth. [Tafsir At-Tabari].
Saheeh: 60: And if We willed, We could have made [instead] of you angels succeeding [one another] on the earth.
Urdu 60: اور اگر ہم چاہیں تم میں سے فرشتے پیدا کریں جو زمین میں تمہاری جگہ رہیں

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