The Quran:
سورة الذاريات

51. Adh-Dhaariyat | 60 verses | The Winnowing Winds | Meccan

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Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi
43.وَفِي ثَمُودَ إِذْ قِيلَ لَهُمْ تَمَتَّعُوا حَتَّىٰ حِينٍ
Transliteration:Wafee thamooda ith qeela lahum tamattaAAoo hatta heenin
Yusuf Ali:And in the Thamud (was another Sign): Behold, they were told, "Enjoy (your brief day) for a little while!"
Shakir:And in Samood: When it was said to them: Enjoy yourselves for a while.
Pickthall:And in (the tribe of) Thamud (there is a portent) when it was told them: Take your ease awhile.
Mohsin Khan:And in Thamud (there is also a sign), when they were told: "Enjoy yourselves for a while!"
Saheeh:And in Thamud, when it was said to them, "Enjoy yourselves for a time."
Urdu:اور قوم ثمود میں بھی (عبرت ہے) جب ہ ان سے کہا گیا ایک وقت معین تک کا فائدہ اٹھاؤ

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