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سورة النجم
An-Najm | 62 verses | The Star | Sura #53 | Meccan
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وَقَوْمَ نُوحٍ مِّن قَبْلُ ۖ إِنَّهُمْ كَانُوا هُمْ أَظْلَمَ وَأَطْغَىٰ
Transliteration 52: Waqawma noohin min qablu innahum kanoo hum athlama waatgha
Yusuf Ali 52: And before them, the people of Noah, for that they were (all) most unjust and most insolent transgressors,
Shakir 52: And the people of Nuh before; surely they were most unjust and inordinate;
Pickthal 52: And the folk of Noah aforetime, Lo! they were more unjust and more rebellious;
Mohsin Khan: 52: And the people of Nuh (Noah) aforetime. Verily, they were more unjust and more rebellious and transgressing [in disobeying Allah and His Messenger Nuh (Noah) عليه السلام].
Saheeh: 52: And the people of Noah before. Indeed, it was they who were [even] more unjust and oppressing.
Urdu 52: اور اس سے پہلے نوح کی قوم کو بے شک وہ زیادہ ظالم اور زيادہ سرکش تھے

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