The Quran:
سورة الواقعة

56. Al-Waaqia | 96 verses | The Inevitable | Meccan

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Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi
22.وَحُورٌ عِينٌ
Transliteration:Wahoorun AAeenun
Yusuf Ali:And (there will be) Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes,-
Shakir:And pure, beautiful ones,
Pickthall:And (there are) fair ones with wide, lovely eyes,
Mohsin Khan:And (there will be) Hur (fair females) with wide, lovely eyes (as wives for "Al-Muttaqun" - the pious - See V. 2:2),
Saheeh:And [for them are] fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes,
Urdu:اوربڑی بڑی آنکھوں والی حوریں

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