World's First Service is proud to present the World's First Phonetic Search Facility for the Noble Quran's transliterated text as well as translations in English, French, Spanish, German, Melayu and Indonesian.

What is Phonetic Search?

Simply put, the term 'phonetic' means to spell a word in a way that it sounds. For example, one may spell the name 'Mohammad' as 'Muhammad', 'Mohammed', 'Muhammed' etc etc. This becomes a problem when search engines require the user to spell the names correctly and if an incorrect spelling is supplied, the search engine returns zero results.

Things have now changed - you can use's ever more powerful search engine to search for words based on how they sound to you. For example, to find out what Allah loves, you may try finding the term "Allah yuhiboo" in the transliterated version of the Qur'an. This will intern find the correct transliteration, which is "Allahu yuhibbu" by the way, and it's corresponding verse in Arabic.

Similarly, there are many ways to spell Satan, such as "Shaytan", "Shaitan", "Satan" and so on. The word "sulaiman" also is sometimes spelled as "sulayman" or "salman". Typing any way you would spell the word will match the right words.

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