11 cities found that start with 'sydney' in Australia

1. Sydney (33.88S, 151.22E)
New South Wales, Seat Of A First-order Administrative Division

2. Sydney Bay (29.07S, 167.95E)
, Bay

3. Sydney Cove (33.87S, 151.22E)
New South Wales, Bay

4. Sydney Creek (16.3S, 128.95E)
Western Australia, Stream

5. Sydney Harbour (33.87S, 151.25E)
New South Wales, Section Of Harbor

6. Sydney Harbour Bridge (33.85S, 151.2E)
New South Wales, Bridge

7. Sydney International Airport (33.94S, 151.18E)
New South Wales, Airport

8. Sydney Island (16.68S, 139.47E)
Queensland, Island

9. Sydney Margaret Range (21.27S, 129.13E)
Northern Territory, Mountains

10. Sydney Station (33.88S, 151.2E)
New South Wales, Railroad Station

11. Sydney Yeo Chasm (27.03S, 126.82E)
Western Australia, Gorge(s)