24 cities found that start with 'g' in Fiji

1. Galatea (16.68S, 179.28E)
Northern, Estate(s)

2. Galligarua (19.17S, 179.78E)
, Populated Place

3. Galoa (16.67S, 178.67E)
Northern, Bay

4. Galoa (19.1S, 178.18E)
Eastern, Anchorage

5. Galoa (16.62S, 178.68E)
Northern, Island

6. Galoa (19.08S, 178.18E)
, Island

7. Gangway Rocks (16.62S, 179.83W)
Northern, Rocks

8. Gasele (18.95S, 178.3E)
, Bay

9. Gau (18.03S, 179.3E)
Eastern, Island

10. Georgia Channel (16.5S, 179.97E)
Northern, Marine Channel

11. Gibson's Island (16.38S, 179.2E)
Northern, Island

12. Gillet Island (16.5S, 179.98W)
Northern, Island

13. Goa (18.03S, 179.3E)
Eastern, Island

14. Goat Islet (16.77S, 179.98W)
Northern, Island

15. Goddard Reefs (17.72S, 178.7E)
Central, Reef(s)

16. Gordon Reef of Wilkes (17.67S, 178.53W)
Eastern, Reef(s)

17. Granby Harbour (18.27S, 177.87E)
Central, Bay

18. Granby Harbour (18.25S, 177.87E)
Central, Populated Place

19. Graves Point (16.23S, 179.53E)
Northern, Point

20. Great Astrolabe Reef (18.87S, 178.52E)
Eastern, Reef(s)

21. Great Sea Reef (16.25S, 179E)
Northern, Reef(s)

22. Great Sea Reef (16.25S, 178.55E)
, Reef(s)

23. Green's Island (16.38S, 179.13E)
Northern, Island

24. Grenville Island (12.5S, 177.08E)
, Island