39 cities found that start with 'p' in Fiji

1. Paho (12.5S, 177.07E)
, Hill

2. Pala (12.5S, 177.03E)
, Spring(s)

3. Palm Point (16.67S, 178.53E)
Northern, Point

4. Palmer Island (17.73S, 177.13E)
Western, Island

5. Pandanus Tree (16.52S, 179.32E)
Northern, Hill

6. Pandora Bank (12.18S, 172.08E)
, Knoll

7. Pandora Basin (16S, 174E)
, Basin

8. Pangai (16.77S, 179.83W)
Northern, Populated Place

9. Paolo (12.48S, 177.1E)
, Populated Place

10. Paptea (12.5S, 177.13E)
, Populated Place

11. Passage Island (17.38S, 178.77E)
Eastern, Island

12. Passage Rock (17.23S, 179.43E)
, Rock

13. Pearl Reef (19.12S, 178.22E)
, Reef(s)

14. Peile Reef (18.13S, 178.33E)
Central, Reef(s)

15. Penang (17.37S, 178.15E)
Western, Populated Place

16. Penang Mill (17.37S, 178.17E)
Western, Mill(s)

17. Penang River (17.37S, 178.15E)
Western, Stream

18. Penguin Bank (11.48S, 175.48E)
, Knoll

19. Penguin Ridge (11.67S, 176E)
, Ridge

20. Pephahua (12.48S, 177.08E)
, Populated Place

21. Pepjei Point (12.52S, 177.1E)
, Point

22. Perry Island (17.68S, 177.1E)
Western, Island

23. Pickering Peak (17.88S, 177.57E)
Western, Mountain

24. Pilia (17.67S, 177.45E)
Western, Hill

25. Pillar Hill (18.18S, 177.65E)
Western, Mountain

26. Pinan Reef (16.42S, 179.55W)
Northern, Reef(s)

27. Pinder Reefs (17.6S, 177.4E)
Western, Reef(s)

28. Pitman Reef (16.42S, 179.55W)
Northern, Reef(s)

29. Plowright Reef (17.6S, 178.5E)
Central, Reef(s)

30. Point Passage (16.82S, 179.25E)
Northern, Marine Channel

31. Point Reef (16.83S, 179.28E)
Northern, Reef(s)

32. Poiva (12.5S, 177.05E)
, Populated Place

33. Porpoise Shoal (17.03S, 177.03E)
Western, Shoal(s)

34. Port Refuge of Wilkes (19.18S, 178.47W)
Eastern, Inlet

35. Pratt Reefs (18.32S, 178.13E)
Central, Reef(s)

36. Prince William Islands (18S, 178E)
, Islands

37. Princes Wharf (18.13S, 178.43E)
Central, Wharf(-ves)

38. Province of Lomaiviti (17.67S, 178.8E)
, Administrative Division

39. Province of Rewa (18.08S, 178.33E)
Central, Administrative Division