9 cities found that start with 'mombasa' in Kenya

1. Mombasa (1.68S, 37.92E)
Eastern, Stream

2. Mombasa (4.05S, 39.67E)
Coast, Populated Place

3. Mombasa (1.68S, 37.92E)
Eastern, Resthouse

4. Mombasa District (4S, 39.67E)
Coast, Administrative Division

5. Mombasa Harbour (4.05S, 39.68E)
Coast, Harbor(s)

6. Mombasa Island (4.05S, 39.67E)
Coast, Island

7. Mombasa Old Port (4.05S, 39.68E)
Coast, Harbor(s)

8. Mombasa Road (1.47S, 37.03E)
, Road

9. Mombasa Sub-Location (1.72S, 37.9E)
Eastern, Administrative Division