33 cities found that start with 'r' in Saint Lucia

1. Rachette Point (13.85N, 61.07W)
Soufriere, Point

2. Rat Island (14.03N, 60.97W)
Castries, Island

3. Rat Islet (14.03N, 60.97W)
Castries, Island

4. Ravine Bethel (13.78N, 60.88W)
Micoud, Stream

5. Ravine Conore (13.8N, 60.88W)
Micoud, Stream

6. Ravine Courtois (13.83N, 60.92W)
, Stream

7. Ravine Languedoc (13.73N, 60.97W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

8. Ravine Michel (13.73N, 60.97W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

9. Ravine Palmiste (13.75N, 60.92W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

10. Ravine Rozette (13.73N, 60.95W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

11. Ravine Rugeine (13.75N, 60.92W)
, Stream

12. Ravine Saint Urbain (13.75N, 60.93W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

13. Reduit (14.07N, 60.95W)
Gros-Islet, Populated Locality

14. Resinard (13.98N, 60.93W)
Castries, Populated Locality

15. Ressource (13.73N, 60.95W)
Vieux-Fort, Populated Place

16. Reunion (13.77N, 61.03W)
Choiseul, Estate(s)

17. Riche Fond (13.93N, 60.92W)
Dennery, Populated Place

18. River Doree (13.75N, 61.03W)
Choiseul, Populated Place

19. Riviere des Trois Islets (13.87N, 60.88W)
Praslin, Stream

20. Riviere Doree (13.75N, 61.03W)
, Stream

21. Riviere Doree (13.75N, 61.03W)
Choiseul, Populated Place

22. Riviere du Vieux Fort (13.72N, 60.95W)
Vieux-Fort, Stream

23. Roblot (13.8N, 61.02W)
Choiseul, Populated Place

24. Rodney Bay (14.08N, 60.97W)
Gros-Islet, Bay

25. Roseau (13.95N, 61.03W)
Anse-la-Raye, Estate(s)

26. Roseau Bay (13.95N, 61.03W)
, Bay

27. Roseau River (13.95N, 61.02W)
, Stream

28. Rouarne (13.77N, 60.92W)
Micoud, Populated Locality

29. Rouarne River (13.75N, 60.92W)
Micoud, Stream

30. Rouche Island (13.95N, 60.87W)
Dennery, Island

31. Rouge Point (14.07N, 60.9W)
Gros-Islet, Point

32. Rousea (13.95N, 61.03W)
Anse-la-Raye, Estate(s)

33. Ruby (13.85N, 61.05W)
Soufriere, Populated Place