11 cities found that start with 'l' in South Korea

1. Lagraviere peak (34.39N, 126.23E)
Cholla-namdo, Mountain

2. Lagraviore Peak (34.39N, 126.23E)
Cholla-namdo, Mountain

3. lcty o (35.01N, 126.54E)
Cholla-namdo, Populated Place

4. Liancourt Rocks (37.25N, 131.87E)
, Islands

5. Lindsay Island (36.5N, 126.36E)
Ch'ungch'ong-namdo, Island

6. Lodol (37.27N, 127.83E)
Kangwon-do, Populated Place

7. Loney bluff (33.2N, 126.29E)
Cheju-do, Point

8. Long Island (36.65N, 125.69E)
Ch'ungch'ong-namdo, Island

9. Long Reach (34.37N, 126.83E)
Cholla-namdo, Marine Channel

10. Lptong-ni (36.5N, 126.95E)
Ch'ungch'ong-namdo, Populated Place

11. Lyne Sound (34.55N, 126.17E)
Cholla-namdo, Sound