24 cities found that start with '2' in Argentina

1. 2 Brazo del Arroyo Tres Arroyos (38.38S, 60.25W)
Buenos Aires, Stream

2. 2 Cono Truncado (48.57S, 69.33W)
Santa Cruz, Cone(s)

3. 2 de Mayo (27.03S, 54.65W)
Misiones, Populated Place

4. 20 de Febrero (25.42S, 65.53W)
Salta, Populated Place

5. 20 de Septiembre (32.38S, 59.67W)
Entre Rios, Populated Place

6. 20 de Setiembre (32.38S, 59.67W)
Entre Rios, Populated Place

7. 23 de Agosto (23.77S, 64.68W)
Jujuy, Populated Place

8. 24 de Febrero (34.53S, 63.17W)
Buenos Aires, Populated Place

9. 25 de Mayo (35.42S, 60.1W)
Buenos Aires, Triangulation Station

10. 25 de Mayo (27.42S, 54.67W)
Misiones, Second-order Administrative Division

11. 25 de Mayo (31.83S, 67.83W)
San Juan, Second-order Administrative Division

12. 25 de Mayo (41.25S, 69W)
Rio Negro, Second-order Administrative Division

13. 25 de Mayo (26.67S, 60W)
Chaco, Second-order Administrative Division

14. 25 de Mayo (35.5S, 60.25W)
Buenos Aires, Second-order Administrative Division

15. 25 de Mayo (27.75S, 55.35W)
Misiones, Locality

16. 25 de Mayo (28.03S, 59.45W)
Santa Fe, Locality

17. 25 de Mayo (27.38S, 54.77W)
Misiones, Populated Place

18. 25 de Mayo (34.58S, 68.55W)
Mendoza, Populated Place

19. 25 de Mayo (37.8S, 67.68W)
La Pampa, Populated Place

20. 25 de Mayo (35.43S, 60.17W)
Buenos Aires, Populated Place

21. 25 de Mayo (34.5S, 65.83W)
San Luis, House(s)

22. 28 de Marzo (28.58S, 62.5W)
Santiago del Estero, Second-order Administrative Division

23. 28 de Noviembre (51.65S, 72.3W)
Santa Cruz, Populated Place

24. 28 de Septiembre (34.6S, 58.63W)
Buenos Aires, Populated Place

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