13 cities found that start with 'u' in Bahamas

1. Umbrella Cay (24.4N, 77.7W)
Kemps Bay, Rock

2. Umbrella Cay (27.02N, 77.72W)
Green Turtle Cay, Island

3. United Estates (24.1N, 74.45W)
San Salvador and Rum Cay, Populated Place

4. Upper Bogue (25.45N, 76.67W)
Harbour Island, Populated Place

5. Upper Cay (26.62N, 77.03W)
Marsh Harbour, Island

6. Upper Channel Cay (23.23N, 75.23W)
Long Island, Island

7. Upper Conch Point (26.53N, 78.57W)
Freeport, Point

8. Upper Cut (26.55N, 77.07W)
Marsh Harbour, Marine Channel

9. Upper Ending Point (26.62N, 78.23W)
High Rock, Point

10. Upper Point (22.42N, 72.97W)
Mayaguana, Point

11. Upper Samphire Cay (25.2N, 76.97W)
New Providence, Island

12. Upper Sandy Harbour (26.82N, 78.5W)
Freeport, Island

13. Upper Wreck Point (25.12N, 76.1W)
Governorʼs Harbour, Point

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