70 cities found that start with 'b' in Bermuda

1. Bailey Bay Flats (32.37N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Shoal(s)

2. Bailey's Bay (32.35N, 64.72W)
Hamilton, Bay

3. Bailey's Bay (32.34N, 64.73W)
Hamilton, First-order Administrative Division

4. Bailey's Bay Flats (32.37N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Shoal(s)

5. Banjo Island (32.38N, 64.69W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

6. Barker's Hill (32.31N, 64.76W)
Devonshire, Hill

7. Barmudas (32.3N, 64.75W)

8. Bartlett's Bay (32.26N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

9. Bartlett's Islands (32.26N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Islands

10. Bartram Island (32.38N, 64.69W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

11. Bay Island (32.35N, 64.73W)
Hamilton, Island

12. Bayliss's Bay (32.31N, 64.72W)
Smithʼs, Bay

13. Beebe Island (32.29N, 64.81W)
Warwick, Rock

14. Beek Rock (32.31N, 64.81W)
Pembroke, Rock

15. Bermoothes (32.3N, 64.75W)

16. Bermuda (32.33N, 64.75W)
Devonshire, Dependent Political Entity

17. Bermuda (32.3N, 64.75W)

18. Bermuda Freeport (32.32N, 64.83W)
Sandys, Port

19. Bermuda Great Reef (32.33N, 64.83W)
Sandys, Reef(s)

20. Bermuda Island (32.3N, 64.76W)

21. Bermuda Islands (32.3N, 64.75W)

22. Bermuda Naval Air Station (32.37N, 64.68W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Airbase

23. Bermudas (32.3N, 64.75W)

24. Beta Island (32.28N, 64.83W)
Warwick, Island

25. Bethaven (32.28N, 64.75W)
Devonshire, Populated Place

26. Bethell's Island (32.28N, 64.88W)
Sandys, Island

27. Bird Island (32.3N, 64.81W)
Pembroke, Island

28. Bird Rock (32.34N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

29. Black Bay (32.26N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Bay

30. Black Bay (32.31N, 64.85W)
Sandys, Bay

31. Black Rock (32.35N, 64.63W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

32. Black Rock (32.35N, 64.65W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

33. Bluck Point (32.3N, 64.81W)
Pembroke, Point

34. Bluck's Island (32.29N, 64.81W)
Warwick, Island

35. Blue Hole (32.35N, 64.71W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Cove(s)

36. Blue Hole (32.28N, 64.78W)
Paget, Cove(s)

37. Boat Bay (32.25N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

38. Boat Rock (32.25N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Rock

39. Boats Bay (32.25N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

40. Boaz Island (32.31N, 64.85W)
Sandys, Island

41. Boiler Channel (32.37N, 64.63W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Channel

42. Boiling Hole (32.28N, 64.87W)
Sandys, Cove(s)

43. Bond Bay (32.29N, 64.78W)
Paget, Bay

44. Boss's Cove (32.3N, 64.81W)
Pembroke, Cove(s)

45. Bostock Hill (32.28N, 64.78W)
Paget, Hill

46. Bowen Point (32.33N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Point

47. Bowen's Point (32.33N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Point

48. Brackish Pond (32.3N, 64.76W)
Devonshire, First-order Administrative Division

49. Brackish Pond Flats (32.33N, 64.8W)

50. Brangman's Fort (32.34N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Fort

51. Brangmans Spots (32.42N, 64.82W)

52. Bremen Cut (32.37N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Marine Channel

53. Bremen Island (32.37N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

54. Bridge Bay (32.36N, 64.72W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Cove(s)

55. Brooks Island (32.37N, 64.68W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

56. Brown's Bay (32.27N, 64.88W)
Sandys, Bay

57. Buck Island (32.26N, 64.86W)
Southampton, Island

58. Buildings Bay (32.38N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Bay

59. Burchall Cove (32.34N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Cove(s)

60. Burgess Point (32.27N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Point

61. Burgess Point (32.37N, 64.71W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Point

62. Burgiss point (32.27N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Point

63. Burnt Island (32.28N, 64.8W)
Warwick, Island

64. Burrows Hill (32.36N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Hill

65. Burt Island (32.28N, 64.83W)
Warwick, Island

66. Burt's Island (32.28N, 64.83W)
Warwick, Island

67. Burt's Island (32.37N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

68. Burton Bay (32.3N, 64.8W)
Pembroke, Bay

69. Butterfield Rock (32.29N, 64.8W)
Paget, Rock

70. Butts Beach (32.25N, 64.82W)
Southampton, Beach

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