11 cities found that start with 'e' in Bermuda

1. East Point (32.33N, 64.74W)
Hamilton, Point

2. East Whale Bay (32.25N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

3. Elbow Bay (32.27N, 64.78W)
Paget, Bight(s)

4. Elephant Head (32.25N, 64.81W)
Warwick, Point

5. Elizabeth Island (32.29N, 64.83W)
Warwick, Island

6. Ely's Harbour (32.28N, 64.88W)
Sandys, Bay

7. Emily's Bay (32.37N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Bay

8. Epsilon Island (32.28N, 64.82W)
Warwick, Island

9. Eta Island (32.28N, 64.82W)
Warwick, Island

10. Evans Bay (32.26N, 64.87W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

11. Evans Pond (32.26N, 64.87W)
Southampton, Pond

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