44 cities found that start with 'h' in Bermuda

1. H.M.S. Malabar (32.32N, 64.84W)
Sandys, Building(s)

2. Haggis Island (32.26N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Rock

3. Hall Island (32.34N, 64.71W)
Hamilton, Island

4. Hall's Island (32.34N, 64.71W)
Hamilton, Island

5. Hamilton (32.29N, 64.78W)
Hamilton, First-order Administrative Division

6. Hamilton (32.29N, 64.78W)
Hamilton, Capital Of A Political Entity

7. Hamilton (32.34N, 64.73W)
Hamilton, First-order Administrative Division

8. Hamilton Harbour (32.29N, 64.79W)
Hamilton, Harbor(s)

9. Hamilton Island (32.3N, 64.76W)

10. Hamilton Parish (32.34N, 64.73W)
Hamilton, First-order Administrative Division

11. Harman's Bay (32.29N, 64.87W)
Sandys, Cove(s)

12. Harrington Hundreds (32.32N, 64.73W)
Smithʼs, Populated Place

13. Harrington Sound (32.33N, 64.72W)

14. Harris Bay (32.32N, 64.74W)
Smithʼs, First-order Administrative Division

15. Hawkins Island (32.29N, 64.83W)
Warwick, Island

16. Head of the Lane (32.29N, 64.82W)
Warwick, Marine Channel

17. Hen Island (32.38N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

18. Henry's Hill (32.35N, 64.72W)
Hamilton, Hill

19. Heron Bay (32.27N, 64.81W)
Warwick, First-order Administrative Division

20. Heydon's Bay (32.29N, 64.88W)
Sandys, Bay

21. Hidden Beach (32.25N, 64.82W)
Southampton, Beach

22. Higgs' Bay (32.37N, 64.68W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Cove(s)

23. Higgs' Island (32.38N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

24. High Point (32.25N, 64.86W)
Southampton, Point

25. Hill View (32.27N, 64.81W)
Warwick, Populated Place

26. Hinson Bay (32.31N, 64.78W)
Pembroke, Cove(s)

27. Hinson Hall (32.31N, 64.74W)
Smithʼs, Populated Place

28. Hinson Island (32.28N, 64.8W)
Paget, Island

29. Hinson's Bay (32.31N, 64.78W)
Pembroke, Cove(s)

30. Hinson's Island (32.28N, 64.8W)
Paget, Island

31. Hog Bay (32.27N, 64.88W)
Sandys, Populated Place

32. Hogfish Bay (32.31N, 64.81W)
Pembroke, Cove(s)

33. Hogfish Cut (32.25N, 64.87W)
Southampton, Channel

34. Holly Hill (32.32N, 64.74W)
Smithʼs, Hill

35. Horn Rock (32.34N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

36. Horseshoe Bay (32.23N, 64.82W)
Southampton, Bay

37. Horseshoe Bay (32.27N, 64.86W)
Southampton, Harbor(s)

38. Horseshoe Island (32.38N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

39. Hospital Island (32.31N, 64.85W)
Sandys, Island

40. Howard Bay (32.34N, 64.68W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Bay

41. Hungry Bay (32.29N, 64.76W)
Paget, Cove(s)

42. Hunt Island (32.26N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Island

43. Hunt's Bay (32.25N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

44. Hunts Island (32.26N, 64.83W)
Southampton, Island

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