16 cities found that start with 'n' in Bermuda

1. Navy Channel (32.27N, 64.84W)
Southampton, Marine Channel

2. Nearon's Cut (32.38N, 64.69W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Cove(s)

3. Ned's Hole (32.25N, 64.82W)
Southampton, Cove(s)

4. Nelly Island (32.28N, 64.82W)
Warwick, Island

5. Nelson Bay (32.31N, 64.82W)
Pembroke, Sound

6. Neptunus Rock (32.35N, 64.65W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Rock

7. No Name Island (32.28N, 64.81W)
Warwick, Island

8. Nonsuch Bay (32.35N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Bay

9. Nonsuch Cut (32.35N, 64.67W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Channel

10. Nonsuch Island (32.35N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Island

11. Nonsuch Scaur (32.35N, 64.66W)
Saint Georgeʼs, Channel

12. North Basin (32.32N, 64.83W)
Sandys, Docking Basin

13. North Channel (32.4N, 64.74W)
Marine Channel

14. North Point (32.31N, 64.72W)
Smithʼs, Point

15. North Shore Village (32.31N, 64.77W)
Devonshire, Populated Place

16. North's Point (32.31N, 64.72W)
Smithʼs, Point

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