243 cities found that start with 'c' in Burundi

1. Cabara (4.11S, 29.53E)
Bururi, Mountain

2. Cabire (3.09S, 29.35E)
Bubanza, Populated Locality

3. Cabumba (3.77S, 29.86E)
Gitega, Cultivated Area

4. Caga (3.41S, 30.41E)
Ruyigi, Wetland

5. Caga (3.29S, 30.36E)
Ruyigi, Locality

6. Caga (3.41S, 30.41E)
Ruyigi, Locality

7. Caga (2.88S, 29.74E)
Ngozi, Locality

8. Cagizo (2.66S, 30.31E)
Muyinga, Locality

9. Cagizo (2.67S, 30.31E)
Muyinga, School

10. Cagizo (2.68S, 30.29E)
Muyinga, Cultivated Area

11. Caguka (2.88S, 29.52E)
Kayanza, Locality

12. Cagura (3.04S, 29.91E)
Ngozi, Locality

13. Cagwa (2.79S, 30.02E)
Ngozi, Locality

14. Cahi (2.79S, 29.83E)
Ngozi, Locality

15. Cahi (3.79S, 30.29E)
Rutana, Huts

16. Cakaka (3.39S, 29.76E)
(BY05), Populated Locality

17. Camabari (2.83S, 29.45E)
Cibitoke, Mountain

18. Camazi (3.21S, 30.76E)
Cankuzo, Locality

19. Camazi (2.84S, 30.01E)
Ngozi, Populated Locality

20. Cambogwe (4.06S, 29.53E)
Bururi, Huts

21. Camizi (3.01S, 29.61E)
Kayanza, Locality

22. Campazi (2.98S, 29.59E)
Kayanza, Locality

23. Campazi (2.98S, 29.58E)
Kayanza, School

24. Camugani (2.92S, 29.82E)
Ngozi, Locality

25. Camumandu (3.33S, 29.76E)
(BY05), Locality

26. Cana (3.5S, 29.99E)
Gitega, Populated Locality

27. Canamo (2.89S, 30.09E)
Ngozi, Locality

28. Canda (3.58S, 29.38E)
Bujumbura, Locality

29. Cangugu (2.99S, 29.19E)
Cibitoke, Cultivated Area

30. Cangwe (3.92S, 29.57E)
Bururi, Huts

31. Cangwe (2.85S, 30.05E)
Ngozi, Cultivated Area

32. Canika (2.62S, 30.15E)
Kirundo, Locality

33. Canika (3.76S, 29.67E)
Bururi, Populated Locality

34. Canika (3.07S, 30.77E)
Cankuzo, Populated Place

35. Cankarama (3.5S, 30.16E)
Ruyigi, Peak

36. Cankere (3.6S, 29.38E)
Bujumbura, Intermittent Stream

37. Cankuzo (3.22S, 30.56E)
Cankuzo, Administrative Facility

38. Cankuzo (3.21S, 30.57E)
Cankuzo, Locality

39. Cankuzo (3.22S, 30.55E)
Cankuzo, Seat Of A First-order Administrative Division

40. Cankuzo (3.22S, 30.55E)
Cankuzo, Market

41. Canywera (2.87S, 29.35E)
Cibitoke, Section Of Intermittent Stream

42. Canzara (2.87S, 29.6E)
Kayanza, Locality

43. Canzikiro (3.09S, 30.11E)
Karuzi, Locality

44. Canzu (3.66S, 30.08E)
Gitega, Populated Locality

45. Cap de Mvugo (4.28S, 29.57E)
Makamba, Cape

46. Caragata (3.6S, 30.19E)
Ruyigi, Locality

47. Carama (3.31S, 29.38E)
Bujumbura, Cultivated Area

48. Caranka (3.36S, 29.47E)
Bujumbura, Locality

49. Caratsi (2.82S, 29.62E)
Kayanza, Locality

50. Cari (3.29S, 29.99E)
Gitega, Cultivated Area

51. Carire (3.26S, 29.86E)
Gitega, Locality

52. Carire (3.29S, 30.07E)
Karuzi, Populated Locality

53. Carriere Gihosho (3.34S, 29.41E)
Bujumbura, Quarry(-ies)

54. Carriere Kirehe (3.04S, 29.61E)
Kayanza, Quarry(-ies)

55. Carubambo (2.56S, 29.95E)
Kirundo, Locality

56. Carubambo (2.56S, 29.96E)
Kirundo, School

57. Cashi (3.68S, 29.34E)
Bujumbura, Huts

58. Casokwe (4.37S, 29.64E)
Makamba, Stream

59. Cathedrale Bujumbura (3.39S, 29.36E)
Bujumbura, Church

60. Cathedrale Ngozi (2.91S, 29.82E)
Ngozi, Church

61. Cathedrale Nyamugari (3.95S, 29.63E)
Bururi, Church

62. Cayi (2.89S, 30.03E)
Ngozi, Locality

63. Cendajuru (3.31S, 30.59E)
Cankuzo, Locality

64. Cendajuru (2.81S, 29.67E)
Ngozi, Locality

65. Cendajuru (2.68S, 30.14E)
Kirundo, Locality

66. Cendajuru (3.3S, 30.59E)
Cankuzo, Populated Place

67. Cendajuru (3.29S, 30.6E)
Cankuzo, Market

68. Cendajuru (3.31S, 30.59E)
Cankuzo, Hospital

69. Cendajuru (3.31S, 30.59E)
Cankuzo, School

70. Cendajuru (2.81S, 29.67E)
Ngozi, School

71. Cendajuru (4S, 29.91E)
Rutana, Mountain

72. Cendajuru (2.69S, 29.22E)
Cibitoke, Mountain

73. Cende (3.46S, 30.01E)
Gitega, Mountains

74. Cene (3.46S, 30.01E)
Gitega, Mountains

75. Centrale electrique Kanindi (3.22S, 29.58E)
(BY05), Power Station

76. Centrale electrique Nyankere (3.49S, 29.41E)
Bujumbura, Power Station

77. Centrale electrique Rushanga (3.34S, 29.98E)
Gitega, Power Station

78. Centrale electrique Ruziba (3.12S, 29.42E)
Bubanza, Power Station

79. Centrale hydro-electrique Kiremba (2.81S, 29.99E)
Ngozi, Hydroelectric Power Station

80. Centrale hydro-electrique Masango (3.26S, 29.66E)
(BY05), Power Station

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