1,363 cities found that start with 'r' in Burundi

1. Rabiro (4.14S, 29.74E)
Makamba, Locality

2. Rabiro (4.18S, 29.7E)
Makamba, Locality

3. Rabiro (3.16S, 30.78E)
Cankuzo, Locality

4. Rabiro (3.2S, 30.26E)
Karuzi, Locality

5. Rabiro (2.93S, 29.6E)
Kayanza, Forest Reserve

6. Rabiro (2.65S, 30.38E)
Muyinga, Locality

7. Rabiro (3.38S, 29.81E)
(BY05), Populated Locality

8. Rabiro (3.5S, 30.2E)
Ruyigi, Populated Locality

9. Rabiro (3.75S, 29.92E)
Gitega, Huts

10. Rabiro (3.25S, 30.16E)
Karuzi, Huts

11. Rabiro (3.01S, 29.38E)
Bubanza, Church

12. Rabiro (2.65S, 30.39E)
Muyinga, School

13. Rabiro (2.62S, 29.96E)
Kirundo, Peak

14. Rabiro (3.05S, 29.26E)
Cibitoke, Cultivated Area

15. Rabiro (2.74S, 29.05E)
Cibitoke, Cultivated Area

16. Rabiro (2.85S, 30.13E)
Muyinga, Cultivated Area

17. Rabiro (2.89S, 30.19E)
Muyinga, Cultivated Area

18. Ragwe (2.77S, 30.05E)
Ngozi, Locality

19. Rama (3.14S, 29.73E)
Kayanza, Locality

20. Ramba (3.52S, 29.34E)
Bujumbura, Intermittent Stream

21. Ramba (3.49S, 29.34E)
Bujumbura, Locality

22. Ramba (3.14S, 30.01E)
Karuzi, Locality

23. Ramba (2.63S, 30.04E)
Kirundo, Huts

24. Rambo (2.59S, 30.06E)
Kirundo, Locality

25. Rambo (2.72S, 30.12E)
Kirundo, Huts

26. Rambwe (3.16S, 29.39E)
Bubanza, Populated Locality

27. Ramvya (3.07S, 30.18E)
Karuzi, Locality

28. Ramvya (4.3S, 29.92E)
Makamba, Populated Locality

29. Ramvya (3.22S, 30.37E)
Ruyigi, Populated Locality

30. Ramvyo (4.11S, 29.61E)
Bururi, Mountain

31. Randa (2.83S, 29.64E)
Kayanza, Locality

32. Ranga (3.33S, 30.11E)
Karuzi, Populated Locality

33. Rangare (3.44S, 30.36E)
Ruyigi, Populated Locality

34. Rangi (3.47S, 30.2E)
Ruyigi, Populated Place

35. Rangira (2.88S, 29.27E)
Cibitoke, Huts

36. Rango (3.15S, 29.76E)
Kayanza, Administrative Facility

37. Rango (3.4S, 29.71E)
(BY05), Locality

38. Rango (3.11S, 29.76E)
Kayanza, Locality

39. Rango (3.15S, 29.76E)
Kayanza, Populated Place

40. Rango (2.81S, 30.35E)
Muyinga, School

41. Rango (3.81S, 29.91E)
Gitega, Cultivated Area

42. Rango (3.33S, 29.56E)
(BY05), Cultivated Area

43. Rango (3.1S, 29.58E)
Kayanza, Cultivated Area

44. Rapides Ndurumu (2.73S, 29.97E)
Ngozi, Rapids

45. Rapides Rusizi (2.88S, 29.09E)
Cibitoke, Rapids

46. Rarire (3.83S, 29.53E)
Bururi, Populated Locality

47. Rasa (3.7S, 30.21E)
Rutana, Locality

48. Rebero (2.47S, 30.4E)
Kirundo, Peak

49. Remba (3.88S, 29.47E)
Bururi, Stream

50. Remba (3.64S, 30.22E)
Ruyigi, Locality

51. Remba (2.91S, 29.34E)
Cibitoke, Populated Locality

52. Remera (3.63S, 29.88E)
Gitega, Locality

53. Remera (3.33S, 29.6E)
(BY05), Locality

54. Remera (2.94S, 29.29E)
Cibitoke, Locality

55. Remera (2.92S, 29.91E)
Ngozi, Locality

56. Remera (2.96S, 29.53E)
Kayanza, Locality

57. Remera (3.05S, 30.68E)
Cankuzo, Populated Place

58. Remera (2.96S, 29.55E)
Kayanza, Populated Place

59. Remera (3.32S, 29.61E)
(BY05), Mountains

60. Remera (2.66S, 29.07E)
Cibitoke, Mountain

61. Remera (3.42S, 29.54E)
Bujumbura, Cultivated Area

62. Renga (3.32S, 29.68E)
(BY05), Locality

63. Renga (2.52S, 30.16E)
Kirundo, Populated Locality

64. Renga (2.83S, 29.13E)
Cibitoke, Cultivated Area

65. Renga (2.58S, 30.04E)
Kirundo, Cultivated Area

66. Republic of Burundi (3.5S, 30E)
Independent Political Entity

67. Republika y'u Burundi (3.5S, 30E)
Independent Political Entity

68. Republique du Burundi (3.5S, 30E)
Independent Political Entity

69. Reserve naturelle de la Rusizi (3.25S, 29.25E)
Bujumbura, Nature Reserve

70. Reserve naturelle forestiere de Bururi (3.94S, 29.6E)
Bururi, Forest Reserve

71. Reserve naturelle forestiere de Kigwena (4.08S, 29.55E)
Bururi, Nature Reserve

72. Reserve naturelle forestiere de Rumonge (4.02S, 29.58E)
Bururi, Nature Reserve

73. Reservoir Nyunzwe (3.21S, 29.4E)
Bubanza, Water Tank

74. Riba (3.68S, 30.01E)
Gitega, Wetland

75. Rimbo (4.18S, 29.55E)
Makamba, Locality

76. Rimiro (3S, 29.92E)
Ngozi, Locality

77. Ringira (3.65S, 29.56E)
Bururi, Populated Locality

78. Ritendeye (3.08S, 29.42E)
Bubanza, Huts

79. Rohe (3.44S, 29.42E)
Bujumbura, Huts

80. Rohero (3.38S, 29.36E)
Bujumbura, Section Of Populated Place

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