17 cities found that start with 'u' in Burundi

1. Ubuyumbu (2.83S, 29.38E)

2. Umwogere (2.8S, 29.6E)

3. Universite Bujumbura (3.38S, 29.38E)
Bujumbura, College

4. Urundi (3.5S, 30E)
Independent Political Entity

5. Urwagongwe (3.36S, 30.05E)
Karuzi, Intermittent Stream

6. Usine Theicole Teza (3.22S, 29.56E)
(BY05), Factory

7. Usugi (3.46S, 29.42E)
Bujumbura, Locality

8. Usumbura (3.33S, 29.26E)
Bujumbura, First-order Administrative Division

9. Usumbura (3.38S, 29.36E)
Capital Of A Political Entity

10. Uwibiti (3.6S, 29.6E)
Bururi, Huts

11. Uwimpene (3.85S, 29.65E)
Bururi, Intermittent Stream

12. Uwimpfizi (3.61S, 29.79E)
(BY05), Populated Place

13. Uwinryame (3.61S, 29.56E)
Bururi, Huts

14. Uwinzovu (3.67S, 29.61E)
Bururi, Huts

15. Uwiteme (3.34S, 29.6E)
(BY05), Cultivated Area

16. Uwuruganda (3.38S, 29.56E)
(BY05), Cultivated Area

17. Uwurugo (3.61S, 29.56E)
Bururi, Populated Locality

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