198 cities found that start with 'c' in Cyprus

161. Cilinya (34.88N, 32.63E)
Paphos, Populated Place

162. Cinanero (35.67N, 34.55E)
Famagusta, Hill

163. Cinarli (35.34N, 33.75E)
Famagusta, Populated Place

164. Cinusa (35.03N, 32.51E)
Paphos, Populated Place

165. Ciparissa (34.78N, 33.12E)
Limassol, Mountain

166. Ciperunda (34.94N, 32.97E)
Limassol, Populated Place

167. Cipro (35N, 33E)
Nicosia, Island

168. Cira (35.2N, 33.06E)
Nicosia, Populated Place

169. Cirali (34.81N, 32.42E)
Paphos, Populated Place

170. Cisonerga (34.83N, 32.4E)
Paphos, Populated Place

171. Cissusa (34.81N, 32.8E)
Limassol, Populated Place

172. Cite (34.85N, 33.58E)
Larnaca, Populated Place

173. Cite Burnu (34.82N, 33.6E)
Larnaca, Cape

174. Cite Kulesi (34.83N, 33.6E)
Larnaca, Tower

175. Citium (34.92N, 33.63E)
Larnaca, Populated Place

176. Citium (34.93N, 33.62E)
Larnaca, Ancient Site

177. Civisil (34.84N, 33.51E)
Larnaca, Populated Place

178. Ciyares (34.84N, 32.74E)
Paphos, Populated Place

179. Ciyas (34.82N, 32.72E)
Paphos, Populated Place

180. Combonisi (35.35N, 33.32E)
Kyrenia, Point

181. Comlekci (35.15N, 33.53E)
Nicosia, Locality

182. Conendere (35.27N, 33.66E)
Nicosia, Populated Place

183. Connecting Point (34.75N, 33.24E)
Triangulation Station

184. Constantia (35.18N, 33.9E)
Famagusta, Ancient Site

185. Conya (34.92N, 33.2E)
Nicosia, Populated Place

186. Coral Bay (34.85N, 32.37E)
Paphos, Bay

187. Crommyon Promontory (35.4N, 32.92E)
Kyrenia, Cape

188. Cukur Deresi (35.47N, 34.27E)
Famagusta, Intermittent Stream

189. Cukurova (35.22N, 33.55E)
Nicosia, Populated Place

190. Curias Promontory (34.57N, 33.04E)
Limassol, Cape

191. Curium (34.67N, 32.88E)
Limassol, Ancient Site

192. Cyparissovuno (35.32N, 33.16E)
Kyrenia, Mountain

193. Cypern (35N, 33E)
Nicosia, Island

194. Cyprus (35N, 33E)
Nicosia, Island

195. Cyprus (35N, 33E)
Nicosia, Independent Political Entity

196. Cyprus Island (35N, 33E)
Nicosia, Island

197. Cyprus Medieval Museum (34.67N, 33.04E)
Limassol, Castle

198. Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (35.17N, 33.31E)
Nicosia, Communication Center

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