274 cities found that start with 'v' in Cyprus

241. Vryses (34.75N, 32.84E)
Limassol, Locality

242. Vrysha (34.75N, 32.53E)
Paphos, Intermittent Stream

243. Vrysha (34.86N, 32.89E)
Limassol, Locality

244. Vrysi (34.98N, 33.41E)
Nicosia, Intermittent Stream

245. Vrysi (35.33N, 33.42E)
Kyrenia, Ancient Site

246. Vrysi tis Athousas (35.18N, 32.65E)
Nicosia, Locality

247. Vrysi tou Kasinou (35N, 33.06E)
Nicosia, Locality

248. Vrysi tou Korsou (34.78N, 32.99E)
Limassol, Intermittent Stream

249. Vrysi tous Kkouniaes (35.27N, 33.51E)
Nicosia, Spring(s)

250. Vrysia (34.75N, 32.92E)
Limassol, Locality

251. Vrysin (34.98N, 32.6E)
Paphos, Locality

252. Vrysin (34.82N, 32.85E)
Limassol, Locality

253. Vrysin Settlement (35.33N, 33.42E)
Kyrenia, Ancient Site

254. Vrysin tou Pierou (35.09N, 33.12E)
Nicosia, Locality

255. Vrysoudhia (34.88N, 33.15E)
Larnaca, Locality

256. Vrysoules (35.1N, 33.88E)
Famagusta, Populated Place

257. Vuda (34.93N, 33.53E)
Larnaca, Populated Place

258. Vufavento (35.29N, 33.42E)
Kyrenia, Castle

259. Vulture Point (34.92N, 33.32E)
Larnaca, Mountain

260. Vuni (34.9N, 32.58E)
Paphos, Locality

261. Vuni (34.83N, 32.83E)
Limassol, Populated Place

262. Vuni (35.16N, 32.78E)
Nicosia, Ancient Site

263. Vuno (35.27N, 33.39E)
Kyrenia, Populated Place

264. Vurgari (35.33N, 33.47E)
Kyrenia, Locality

265. Vylos (34.96N, 33.28E)
Nicosia, Locality

266. Vyrsin ton Rouvanion (35.03N, 32.67E)
Nicosia, Locality

267. Vyzaja (35.08N, 33.17E)
Nicosia, Locality

268. Vyzajera (35.18N, 33.06E)
Nicosia, Locality

269. Vyzajeri (35.35N, 33.7E)
Famagusta, Locality

270. Vyzakeri (34.96N, 33.43E)
Larnaca, Mountain

271. Vyzakia (35.67N, 34.5E)
Famagusta, Locality

272. Vyzakia (35.08N, 33.02E)
Nicosia, Populated Place

273. Vyzakia (35.08N, 33.03E)
Nicosia, Mountain

274. Vyzakia City-Site (34.88N, 33.61E)
Larnaca, Ancient Site

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