350 cities found that start with 'p' in Mongolia

1. P'en Shan (44.88N, 95.43E)
Govi-Altay, Mountain

2. Pa-erh-lie-k'o Ho (45.4N, 92.8E)
Hovd, Stream

3. Pa-erh-tsan (42.51N, 105.25E)
Omnogovi, Spring(s)

4. Pa-ha Po (47.75N, 93.7E)
Dzavhan, Lake

5. Pa-jan-no-erh (45.13N, 114.27E)
Suhbaatar, Lake

6. Pa-jun-a-chi-t'ing-pao-erh-t'a-la (46.23N, 116.45E)
Suhbaatar, Plain(s)

7. Pa-jun-hao-le-pao (46.73N, 118.5E)
Dornod, Hill

8. Pa-jun-hu-ho-wen-to-erh (46.57N, 117.82E)
Dornod, Hill

9. Pa-jun-hu-she-ken-ko-pi (44.75N, 111.6E)
Dornogovi, Desert

10. Pa-jun-mang-nu-erh-wu-la (45.45N, 115.68E)

11. Pa-jun-pao-tun (45.03N, 92.8E)

12. Pa-jun-pu-la-ko (44.78N, 113.6E)
Suhbaatar, Spring(s)

13. Pa-jun-sa-la (46.52N, 91.05E)
Hovd, Stream

14. Pa-jun-sa-la (47.58N, 90.48E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

15. Pa-jun-sha-chan-t'e (45.03N, 92.73E)

16. Pa-jun-sha-pa-erh-t'e-no-erh (48.78N, 116.03E)
Dornod, Lake

17. Pa-jun-sha-t'e-wu-la (41.82N, 103.92E)
Omnogovi, Hill

18. Pa-jun-shao-jung (45.82N, 116.27E)
Suhbaatar, Rock

19. Pa-jun-su-li-t'e (43.23N, 110.88E)
Dornogovi, Plain(s)

20. Pa-jun-t'e-ko (42.43N, 109.35E)

21. Pa-jun-t'ui-jao-mu (48.5N, 115.78E)
Dornod, Marsh(es)

22. Pa-jun-wu-lan-t'ao-le-kai (45.85N, 116.25E)
Suhbaatar, Mountain

23. Pa-ka Hu (47.75N, 93.7E)
Dzavhan, Lake

24. Pa-ka-ao-erh-ch'ao-ko (43.15N, 110.83E)

25. Pa-ka-ao-pao-t'u (42.82N, 97.13E)
Govi-Altay, Cairn

26. Pa-ka-ch'u-lu-t'e-kao-le (48.2N, 88.83E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

27. Pa-ka-cha-ken-wu-su (44.27N, 104.53E)
Omnogovi, Well

28. Pa-ka-ha-erh (45.02N, 92.65E)

29. Pa-ka-nu-ho-t'e (46.38N, 117.37E)

30. Pa-ka-pa-yen-hu-shu (48.02N, 118.12E)
Dornod, Hill

31. Pa-ka-po-ko-to Shan (44.83N, 101.5E)

32. Pa-ka-sa-la-wu-la (47.53N, 90.5E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Mountain

33. Pa-ka-sha-chan-t'e (45.03N, 92.77E)

34. Pa-ka-sha-erh-hu-la-sen-kao-le (41.77N, 104.35E)

35. Pa-ka-sha-erh-pu-la-ko-hun-ti (46.18N, 91E)
Hovd, Ravine(s)

36. Pa-ka-shao-erh-pao-ko-no-erh (48.68N, 115.93E)
Dornod, Lake

37. Pa-ka-t'u-erh-ken-kao-le (47.98N, 89.05E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

38. Pa-ka-t'u-erh-ken-ni-kao-le (48.53N, 88.45E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

39. Pa-ka-t'u-erh-ken-no-erh (47.98N, 89.18E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Lake

40. Pa-ka-ta-fan Shan (48.03N, 89.52E)

41. Pa-ka-ta-fan-t'ing-kao-le (48.07N, 89.58E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

42. Pa-ka-wu-la (45.15N, 114.33E)
Suhbaatar, Mountain

43. Pa-ka-wu-lan-hsi-po-wu-la (42.42N, 107.7E)
Omnogovi, Mountain

44. Pa-ko-hsin-pao-erh (44.75N, 113.08E)

45. Pa-la-k'ai-pu-la-ko (48.17N, 88.85E)
Bayan-Olgiy, Stream

46. Pa-la-ken-t'ing-ao-pao (41.92N, 105.67E)
Omnogovi, Cairn

47. Pa-la-ken-t'ing-o-le-ssu (41.9N, 105.62E)
Sand Area

48. Pa-la-mu-t'ing-ha-ta (46.6N, 117.87E)
Dornod, Hill

49. Pa-le-kan-t'ing-chun-sai-erh (44.28N, 95.43E)
Govi-Altay, Wadi

50. Pa-le-kan-t'ing-ha-erh Shan (44.28N, 95.33E)

51. Pa-le-pa-erh-hai-hu-tu-ko (42.5N, 102.72E)
Omnogovi, Well

52. Pa-t'e-la-hsia Ho (47.95N, 89.45E)

53. Pa-t'e-wu-le-chi-pu-la-ko (43.38N, 111.07E)
Dornogovi, Spring(s)

54. Pa-t'u-ma-ch'i (47.28N, 116.65E)
Dornod, Populated Place

55. Pa-yen-ao-pao-t'e (42.67N, 109.92E)
Dornogovi, Hill

56. Pa-yen-hsi-je (46.32N, 116.75E)

57. Pa-yen-hu-shu (44.73N, 113.62E)

58. Pa-yen-hua-yin-t'a-la (42.4N, 107.83E)

59. Pa-yen-ken-hu-tu-ko (42.67N, 109.97E)
Dornogovi, Well

60. Pa-yen-kuo-lo (48.91N, 106.09E)
Selenge, Populated Place

61. Pa-yen-mao-te Kou (46.33N, 90.95E)
Hovd, Stream

62. Pa-yen-mao-te-ni-pu-la-ko (46.37N, 90.98E)
Hovd, Spring(s)

63. Pa-yen-pu-ko (42.67N, 110E)
Dornogovi, Spring(s)

64. Pa-yen-sai-yin (43.5N, 111.42E)
Dornogovi, Plain(s)

65. Pa-yen-t'ao-le-kai (45.03N, 111.87E)

66. Pa-yen-wo-erh-kun-wu-la (45.38N, 114.92E)
Suhbaatar, Mountain

67. Pa-yen-wu-lan-nai-hui-t'e-hai-erh (42.75N, 110.37E)

68. Pa-yin-nu-lu Ling (43.78N, 102.68E)
Omnogovi, Mountains

69. Pa-yin-o-po (44.62N, 94.92E)
Govi-Altay, Cairn

70. Pa-yin-t'u-men (48.07N, 114.5E)
Dornod, Populated Place

71. Paalan Teriguu-Dugang (47.98N, 100.97E)
Arhangay, Populated Place

72. Paalan Teriguunii Dugang (47.98N, 100.97E)
Arhangay, Populated Place

73. Pagan Tologoyn Davaa (48.8N, 107.53E)
Selenge, Pass

74. Pai-ch'in-hui-t'e-ha-ma-erh (46.88N, 119.9E)
Dornod, Ravine(s)

75. Pai-ch'in-kao-le (46.9N, 119.9E)
Dornod, Stream

76. Pai-ch'in-wen-to-erh (46.83N, 119.85E)
Dornod, Mountain

77. Pai-hsing-t'ing-t'ui-jao-mu (45.12N, 114.28E)
Suhbaatar, Marsh(es)

78. Pai-sa-ho-lin (47.65N, 102.57E)
Arhangay, Populated Place

79. Pai-shen-t'ai Miao (43.49N, 103.52E)
Omnogovi, Populated Place

80. Pai-ta-li-k'o (47.28N, 99.67E)
Bayanhongor, Populated Place

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