9 cities found that start with 'q' in Netherlands

1. Quabeek (50.97N, 5.93E)
Limburg, Populated Place

2. Quadenoord (52N, 5.73E)
Gelderland, Estate(s)

3. Quarleshaven (51.47N, 3.7E)
Zeeland, Port

4. Quarlespolder (51.48N, 3.72E)
Zeeland, Polder

5. Quatre Bras (52.18N, 6.22E)
Gelderland, Populated Place

6. Quatrebras (53.22N, 5.98E)
Friesland, Populated Place

7. Quintusstate (53.1N, 5.6E)
Friesland, Estate(s)

8. Quirijnstok (51.6N, 5.1E)
Noord-Brabant, Populated Place

9. Quirijnstok (51.57N, 5.1E)
Noord-Brabant, Section Of Populated Place

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