5,716 cities found that start with 'l' in Norway

1. La (60.63N, 8.52E)
Buskerud, Populated Place

2. Laa (60.63N, 8.52E)
Buskerud, Populated Place

3. Laag (59.93N, 9.5E)
Buskerud, Farms

4. Laagaros (60.15N, 7.8E)
Buskerud, Hotel

5. Laagen (59.05N, 10.08E)

6. Laagen (61.13N, 10.42E)

7. Laagen River (59.05N, 10.08E)

8. Laagen River (61.13N, 10.42E)

9. Laaggia (62.4N, 10.2E)
Hedmark, Farm

10. Laaghellerhyttene (60.65N, 7.32E)
Hordaland, Huts

11. Laaghellernuten (60.27N, 7.28E)
Hordaland, Peak

12. Laagliberget (60.33N, 8.08E)
Buskerud, Hut

13. Laago Fjord (61.17N, 4.8E)
Sogn og Fjordane, Marine Channel

14. Laagoy (60.41N, 4.9E)
Hordaland, Island

15. Laagoyberget (60.41N, 4.9E)
Hordaland, Island

16. Laagoyboane (60.41N, 4.89E)
Hordaland, Rocks

17. Laagoyfjord (61.17N, 4.8E)
Sogn og Fjordane, Marine Channel

18. Laagtunga (62.23N, 7.88E)
More og Romsdal, Spur(s)

19. Laagvatn (62.32N, 9E)
Oppland, Lake

20. Laakaasetvatnet (60.07N, 9.27E)
Buskerud, Lake

21. Laake (60.2N, 11E)
Akershus, Populated Place

22. Laamivand (67.07N, 16.28E)
Nordland, Lake

23. Laamivatn (67.07N, 16.28E)
Nordland, Lake

24. Laanan (65.87N, 11.82E)
Nordland, Islands

25. Laane (59.42N, 10.12E)
Vestfold, Farms

26. Laanke (63.37N, 11E)
Nord-Trondelag, Administrative Division

27. Laanke (63.43N, 10.93E)
Nord-Trondelag, Church

28. Laardal (59.5N, 8.17E)
Telemark, Administrative Division

29. Laargard (61.85N, 9.42E)
Oppland, Populated Place

30. Laasby (59.9N, 10.98E)
Akershus, Populated Place

31. Laastol (60.52N, 8.4E)
Buskerud, Farm

32. Laavan (70.03N, 22E)
Troms, Populated Place

33. Laaven (60.05N, 7.37E)
Hordaland, Mountain

34. Laavong (66.15N, 13.08E)
Nordland, Populated Place

35. Labbarjavrek (70.37N, 25.95E)
Finnmark, Lakes

36. Labbarjavrit (70.37N, 25.95E)
Finnmark, Lakes

37. Labbarjawrek (70.37N, 25.95E)
Finnmark, Lakes

38. Laberg (59.22N, 5.32E)
Rogaland, Farm

39. Labergdalen (68.63N, 17.57E)
Troms, Valley

40. Laberget (68.68N, 17.5E)
Troms, Populated Place

41. Laberget (68.85N, 17.82E)
Troms, Populated Place

42. Laberget (68.63N, 17.18E)
Troms, Farm

43. Laberget (69.37N, 17.13E)
Troms, Farms

44. Laberget (68.86N, 17.82E)
Troms, Farm

45. Laberget (68.75N, 17.79E)
Troms, Point

46. Labergviken (64.48N, 10.84E)
Nord-Trondelag, Farm

47. Labervika (64.48N, 10.84E)
Nord-Trondelag, Farm

48. Labratan (59.73N, 10.6E)
Akershus, Farm

49. Labukt (70.02N, 22.1E)
Troms, Farm

50. Labukt (70N, 19.57E)
Troms, Farm

51. Labukt (69.4N, 18.6E)
Troms, Populated Place

52. Labukt (69.45N, 19E)
Troms, Farm

53. Labukta (70.02N, 22.05E)
Troms, Cove(s)

54. Labukta (69.4N, 18.6E)
Troms, Populated Place

55. Labukta (69.45N, 19E)
Troms, Farm

56. Lad'dejav'ri (70.33N, 27.4E)
Finnmark, Lake

57. Lad'dejavreskai'di (69.98N, 28.97E)
Finnmark, Hill

58. Lad'dujav'ri (69.27N, 21.67E)

59. Ladberg (60.49N, 5.26E)
Hordaland, Populated Locality

60. Ladberget (60.49N, 5.26E)
Hordaland, Populated Locality

61. Laddebavtit (70.93N, 28.52E)
Finnmark, Mountain

62. Laddevarri (69.53N, 19.9E)
Troms, Mountain

63. Laddevarri (71.03N, 26.13E)
Finnmark, Mountain

64. Laddo (69.27N, 21.67E)

65. Laddo Gielas Javrre (69.27N, 21.67E)

66. Laddoneset (70.21N, 22.6E)
Finnmark, Point

67. Lade (63.45N, 10.47E)
Sor-Trondelag, Populated Place

68. Lade (63.42N, 10.47E)
Sor-Trondelag, Church

69. Lade (62.32N, 6.72E)
More og Romsdal, Farm

70. Ladehamarbassenget (63.45N, 10.43E)
Sor-Trondelag, Docking Basin

71. Ladehamaren (63.45N, 10.43E)
Sor-Trondelag, Point

72. Ladehammeren Basin (63.45N, 10.43E)
Sor-Trondelag, Docking Basin

73. Lader (59.12N, 5.58E)
Rogaland, Farm

74. Laderflua (59.11N, 5.58E)
Rogaland, Rocks

75. Laderholmen (59.11N, 5.58E)
Rogaland, Island

76. Laderskjera (59.19N, 5.47E)
Rogaland, Island

77. Ladervig (58.95N, 5.92E)
Rogaland, Farm

78. Ladervik (58.95N, 5.92E)
Rogaland, Farm

79. Ladevoll (69.78N, 20.72E)
Troms, Farm

80. Ladnaelva (69.35N, 24.63E)
Finnmark, Stream

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