19 cities found that start with 'manila' in Philippines

1. Manila (14.6N, 120.98E)
Manila, Capital Of A Political Entity

2. Manila (12.37N, 121.34E)
Mindoro Oriental, Populated Place

3. Manila (14.58N, 121E)
Manila, First-order Administrative Division

4. Manila (13.23N, 123.95E)
Albay, Populated Place

5. Manila (8.81N, 125.57E)
Butuan, Populated Place

6. Manila Bay (14.52N, 120.77E)

7. Manila Canal (14.6N, 120.97E)
Caloocan, Canal

8. Manila Channel (13.52N, 120.95E)
Mindoro Oriental, Marine Channel

9. Manila City (14.58N, 121E)
Manila, First-order Administrative Division

10. Manila Creek (12.35N, 121.33E)
Mindoro Oriental, Stream

11. Manila Harbor (14.58N, 120.95E)
Caloocan, Harbor(s)

12. Manila Heights Subdivision (14.6N, 121.07E)
Quezon, Section Of Populated Place

13. Manila Inner Harbor (14.58N, 120.95E)
Manila, Harbor(s)

14. Manila International (14.52N, 121E)
Pasay, Airport

15. Manila North Harbor (14.61N, 120.96E)
Manila, Harbor(s)

16. Manila South Harbor (14.58N, 120.95E)
Manila, Harbor(s)

17. Manilak (13.33N, 122.67E)
Quezon, Populated Place

18. Manilao (8.3N, 124.32E)
Lanao del Norte, Populated Place

19. Manilao (13.03N, 123.53E)
Albay, Populated Place

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