15 cities found that start with 'l' in Saint Vincent Grenadines

1. L'Ansecoy Bay (12.88N, 61.17W)
Grenadines, Cove(s)

2. L'Islot (12.68N, 61.35W)
Grenadines, Island

3. La Soufriere (13.33N, 61.18W)

4. Lagoon (13.13N, 61.19W)

5. Lagoon Bay (12.93N, 61.25W)
Grenadines, Cove(s)

6. Landing Bay (12.93N, 61.15W)
Grenadines, Bay

7. Larikai Bay (13.33N, 61.22W)
Saint David, Cove(s)

8. Lawler Point (13N, 61.24W)
Saint George, Point

9. Layou (13.2N, 61.27W)
Saint Patrick, Populated Place

10. Liberty Lodge (13.17N, 61.23W)
Saint Andrew, Populated Place

11. Little Saint Vincent (12.53N, 61.38W)
Grenadines, Island

12. Little Saint Vincent Island (12.53N, 61.38W)
Grenadines, Island

13. Lovell Village (12.88N, 61.18W)
Grenadines, Populated Place

14. Lower Bay (13N, 61.25W)
Saint George, Bay

15. Lowmans Bay (13.16N, 61.25W)

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