42 cities found that start with 'p' in Saint Vincent Grenadines

1. Paget Farm (12.98N, 61.25W)
Grenadines, Populated Place

2. Palm Island (12.58N, 61.4W)
Grenadines, Island

3. Parish of Charlotte (13.27N, 61.15W)
Charlotte, First-order Administrative Division

4. Parish of Saint Andrew (13.2N, 61.23W)
Saint Andrew, First-order Administrative Division

5. Parish of Saint David (13.3N, 61.2W)
Saint David, First-order Administrative Division

6. Parish of Saint George (13.17N, 61.2W)
Saint George, First-order Administrative Division

7. Parish of Saint Patrick (13.23N, 61.23W)
Saint Patrick, First-order Administrative Division

8. Pauls (13.16N, 61.23W)
Saint George, Building(s)

9. Pembroke (13.18N, 61.25W)
Saint Andrew, Populated Place

10. Peruvian Vale (13.17N, 61.13W)
Charlotte, Populated Place

11. Petit Bonhomme (13.2N, 61.2W)
Charlotte, Mountain

12. Petit Bordel Bay (13.28N, 61.25W)
Saint David, Bay

13. Petit Cannouan (12.78N, 61.28W)
Grenadines, Island

14. Petit Canouan (12.78N, 61.28W)
Grenadines, Island

15. Petit Cay (12.83N, 61.2W)
Grenadines, Island

16. Petit Mustique (12.85N, 61.2W)
Grenadines, Island

17. Petit Mustique Island (12.85N, 61.2W)
Grenadines, Island

18. Petit Mustique Islet (12.85N, 61.2W)
Grenadines, Island

19. Petit Nevis (12.97N, 61.25W)
Grenadines, Island

20. Petit Nevis Island (12.97N, 61.25W)
Grenadines, Island

21. Petit Saint Vincent (12.53N, 61.38W)
Grenadines, Island

22. Petit Saint Vincent Island (12.53N, 61.38W)
Grenadines, Island

23. Petit Tobac (12.62N, 61.35W)
Grenadines, Island

24. Petite Saint Vincent (12.53N, 61.38W)
Grenadines, Island

25. Pidgeon Island (12.95N, 61.28W)
Grenadines, Island

26. Pigeon Island (12.95N, 61.28W)
Grenadines, Island

27. Pigeon Islet (12.95N, 61.28W)
Grenadines, Island

28. Pillories (12.9N, 61.17W)
Grenadines, Islands

29. Point Bay (13N, 61.24W)

30. Point Peter (13.01N, 61.25W)
Saint George, Point

31. Port Elizabeth (13.02N, 61.23W)
Grenadines, Populated Place

32. Port-Elisabeth (13.02N, 61.23W)
Grenadines, Populated Place

33. Porter Point (13.38N, 61.18W)
Charlotte, Point

34. Princes Town (13.23N, 61.27W)
Saint Patrick, Populated Place

35. Princess Margaret Bay (13N, 61.24W)
Saint George, Bay

36. Princess Margaret Beach (13N, 61.24W)

37. Princess Point (13N, 61.24W)
Saint George, Point

38. Prospect (13.13N, 61.19W)
Saint George, Building(s)

39. Prune Island (12.58N, 61.4W)
Grenadines, Airfield

40. Prune Island (12.58N, 61.4W)
Grenadines, Island

41. Prune Islet (12.58N, 61.4W)
Grenadines, Island

42. Puzzolano Quarry (13.15N, 61.23W)
Saint George, Quarry(-ies)

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