9 cities found that start with 'd' in Taiwan

1. Daibyo Island (23.32N, 119.32E)
T'ai-wan, Island

2. Daisho Island (23.21N, 119.42E)
T'ai-wan, Island

3. Daiso Bay (23.63N, 119.57E)
T'ai-wan, Bay

4. Daiso Island (23.62N, 119.57E)
T'ai-wan, Island

5. Daiton Mountain (25.18N, 121.52E)
T'ai-wan, Mountain

6. Dakusui River (24.05N, 120.4E)
T'ai-wan, Stream

7. Dome Island (23.53N, 119.53E)
T'ai-wan, Island

8. Double Rock (25.23N, 121.65E)
T'ai-wan, Island

9. Dragon Lake (23.86N, 120.92E)
T'ai-wan, Lake

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