13 cities found that start with 'c' in Tonga

1. Campbell Rock (21.07S, 175.23W)
Tongatapu, Rock

2. Campion Breakers (19.05S, 174.05W)
Vava`u, Reef(s)

3. Capricorn Seamount (18.58S, 172.2W)

4. Capricorn Tablemount (18.58S, 172.2W)

5. Captain Cooks Tree (21.18S, 175.13W)
Tongatapu, Historical Site

6. Catto (21.47S, 174.95W)
Tongatapu, Island

7. Cattow (21.47S, 174.95W)
Tongatapu, Island

8. Cook Point (21.27S, 175.13W)
Tongatapu, Point

9. Cook's Hill (21.15S, 175.17W)
Tongatapu, Hill

10. Crawshaw Shoals (19.72S, 174.35W)
Ha`apai, Reef(s)

11. Cresswell Rock (21.12S, 175.15W)
Tongatapu, Rock

12. Culebras (20.32S, 175.42W)
Ha`apai, Volcano

13. Curacoa Reef (15.52S, 173.63W)
Vava`u, Reef(s)

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