35 cities found that start with 'o' in Uruguay

1. Oeste (34.47S, 54.35W)
Rocha, Stream

2. Ojo de Agua (31.82S, 54.4W)
Cerro Largo, Stream

3. Ojo de Agua (34.7S, 56.45W)
San Jose, Stream

4. Ojos de Agua (34.7S, 56.45W)
San Jose, Stream

5. Ojos de Agua (30.72S, 57.53W)
Artigas, Stream

6. Ojos de Agua (34.72S, 56.37W)
San Jose, Stream

7. Ojosmin (33.65S, 57.17W)
Soriano, Stream

8. Ojosmin (33.73S, 57.13W)
Flores, Hills

9. Olimar (33.27S, 53.87W)
Treinta y Tres, Stream

10. Olimar Chico (33.23S, 54.52W)
Treinta y Tres, Stream

11. Olimar Santa Clara (32.92S, 54.97W)
Treinta y Tres, Populated Place

12. Olivera (31.18S, 56.93W)
Salto, Populated Place

13. Olivera (32.35S, 56.55W)
Paysandu, Stream

14. Olivera (33.5S, 58.38W)
Soriano, Stream

15. Olivera (33.62S, 53.72W)
Rocha, Populated Place

16. Olivera (33.58S, 57.7W)
Soriano, Railroad Stop

17. Olmos (34.7S, 55.9W)
Canelones, Populated Place

18. Olmos (34.7S, 55.93W)
Canelones, Railroad Station

19. Ombu (31.82S, 54.33W)
Cerro Largo, Stream

20. Ombu (33.77S, 55.7W)
Florida, Stream

21. Ombu (30.8S, 56.55W)
Artigas, Stream

22. Ombucitos (33.08S, 58.08W)
Rio Negro, Railroad Stop

23. Ombues de Lavalle (33.92S, 57.78W)
Colonia, Populated Place

24. Ombues de Lavalle (33.92S, 57.83W)
Colonia, Area

25. Ombues de Oribe (33.3S, 56.35W)
Durazno, Populated Place

26. Oratorio (33.98S, 53.98W)
Rocha, Populated Place

27. Ordeig (34.65S, 56.72W)
San Jose, Populated Place

28. Orgoroso (32.38S, 57.5W)
Paysandu, Populated Place

29. Oribe (31.5S, 57.12W)
Salto, Populated Place

30. Oriental Republic of Uruguay (33S, 56W)
Independent Political Entity

31. Oro (33.05S, 54.05W)
Treinta y Tres, Stream

32. Ortiz (34.35S, 55.38W)
Lavalleja, Railroad Station

33. Ortiz Bank (34.67S, 57.33W)

34. Ovejas (33.27S, 55.82W)
Durazno, Stream

35. Ovidio Morato (32.38S, 56.68W)
Paysandu, Populated Place

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