30 cities found that start with 'g' in Vanuatu

1. Garet (14.27S, 167.5E)
Torba, Volcano

2. Gariroumroum (16.13S, 167.43E)
(NH10), Mountain

3. Gavigamana (13.13S, 166.57E)
Torba, Populated Place

4. Gebenour (16.25S, 167.62E)
(NH10), Populated Place

5. Geregon (13.92S, 167.45E)
Torba, Mountain

6. Geren (15.63S, 168.12E)
(NH12), Stream

7. Gilendoungi (15.12S, 168.07E)
(NH06), Stream

8. Gnierenioumen (13.7S, 167.62E)
Torba, Populated Place

9. Goat Island (18.7S, 169.28E)
Tafea, Island

10. Gog (14.28S, 167.5E)
Torba, Island

11. Good Bay (16.08S, 167.4E)
(NH10), Bay

12. Goul (15.93S, 168.27E)
(NH12), Stream

13. Goulouf (15.88S, 168.27E)
(NH12), Populated Place

14. Goun (15.72S, 168.13E)
(NH12), Populated Place

15. Gousounransit (15.98S, 168.27E)
(NH12), Point

16. Gousounransit Point (15.98S, 168.27E)
(NH12), Point

17. Grand Channel (13.3S, 166.62E)
Torba, Marine Channel

18. Grand Quai (17.75S, 168.28E)
(NH08), Wharf(-ves)

19. Grande Channel (13.3S, 166.62E)
Torba, Marine Channel

20. Grande de Baie (16.68S, 168.25E)
(NH09), Bay

21. Grande Passe (13.3S, 166.62E)
Torba, Marine Channel

22. Grande Plaine de Cendre (16.25S, 168.13E)
(NH05), Plateau

23. Grande Plaine de Cendres (16.25S, 168.13E)
(NH05), Plateau

24. Great Ash Plain (16.25S, 168.13E)
(NH05), Plateau

25. Great Banks Island (13.83S, 167.47E)
Torba, Island

26. Green Hill (19.38S, 169.28E)
Tafea, Populated Place

27. Green Point (19.63S, 169.35E)
Tafea, Point

28. Grempo (15.27S, 167.07E)
Sanma, Populated Place

29. Grotte Hitibrong (16.3S, 167.37E)
(NH10), Cave(s)

30. Gwei Ngak Reef (13.07S, 166.57E)
Torba, Reef(s)

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