30 cities found that start with 'p' in Yemen

1. Palinurus Shoal (14.91N, 50.67E)
Hadramawt, Shoal(s)

2. Parifa (14.4N, 43.8E)
Populated Place

3. Parkin Rock (13.62N, 42.82E)

4. Patrol Hill (12.94N, 44.98E)
`Adan, Hill

5. Peaky Island (13.77N, 42.75E)

6. People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (15.5N, 47.5E)
Independent Political Entity

7. People's Republic of South Yemen (15.5N, 47.5E)
Independent Political Entity

8. Peoples Republic of Southern Yemen (15.5N, 47.5E)
Independent Political Entity

9. Perim Harbour (12.65N, 43.41E)
(YM17), Harbor(s)

10. Perim Island (12.66N, 43.42E)
(YM17), Island

11. Petroleum Pier (12.8N, 45.02E)
`Adan, Pier

12. Pile Island (14.08N, 42.82E)

13. Pilot's Pier (12.79N, 44.97E)
`Adan, Pier

14. Pinnacle Rock (12.76N, 44.92E)
`Adan, Island

15. Pirie Point (12.64N, 43.41E)
(YM17), Point

16. Port of Hudaydah (14.83N, 42.94E)
Al Hudaydah, Port

17. Post Office Pier (12.79N, 44.98E)
`Adan, Pier

18. Prince of Wales Pier (12.79N, 44.98E)
`Adan, Pier

19. Princes Shoal (12.65N, 43.41E)
(YM17), Shoal(s)

20. Princess Shoal (12.65N, 43.41E)
(YM17), Shoal(s)

21. Province of Al Bayda' (14N, 45.6E)
(YM07), First-order Administrative Division

22. Province of Al Hudaydah (15N, 43E)
Al Hudaydah, First-order Administrative Division

23. Province of Al Mahwit (15.48N, 43.57E)
Al Mahwit, First-order Administrative Division

24. Province of Dhamar (14.5N, 44.5E)
Dhamar, Administrative Division

25. Province of Hajjah (16N, 43.5E)
(YM12), Administrative Division

26. Province of Ibb (14N, 44.25E)
Administrative Division

27. Province of Ma'rib (15.42N, 45.35E)
Administrative Division

28. Province of San`a (15.5N, 44.25E)
Sana, Administrative Division

29. Province of Sa`dah (16.83N, 43.58E)
Sa`dah, Administrative Division

30. Province of Ta`izz (13.5N, 44E)
(YM17), First-order Administrative Division

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